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    The what was it a 5 v 3 where he didn’t pass. To this day I believe Navas was off his line for every one of our PKs and he knew Gekas from Levante so he stopped his.
  2. I don’t blame him Androutsos would of don’t nothing productive with the ball
  3. Bouchalakis is utterly useless. I wouldn’t be shocked if Olympiakos eventually replaces him with one of those 3rd division Afro-French Diamond miners of theirs
  4. How can anyone say to keep the guy who didn’t bring on the players who actually contributed vs Sweden until the 70th?
  5. Now just imagine he played instead of Bakakis who was getting abused on that side last time vs Georgia
  6. Am I happy we won yes, did we deserve it no way in hell. We didn’t really offer much going forward. Masouras and Pavlidis didn’t link up well at all. This 3-4-3 doesn’t work with the players he decides to deploy in it. I lost count of how many times we’d regain possession to only have 2 players past half and no options for transitioning to attack. Tzolis needs to start plain and simple especially against teams like Georgia who sit back he has the skill needed to score a goal on a solo effort.
  7. He gave a perfect one right across the face of goal that Giakoumakis should have slotted home
  8. Pavlidis did really well besides scoring too. Good layoffs, and dummies, I wouldn’t mind playing with him as a 2nd Strikers behind Giakoumakis, I think they would create a lot more than Bakasetas as a false 9 does
  9. This draw would of been huge, would of had a good shot at coming first. We would of had it in our hands going forward but what can you do.
  10. Alexandropoulos should me more on the ball in 15 mins then I have seen from Bouchalakis since he scored against AC Milan in that friendly that made people think hes the second coming of Karagounis
  11. Pavlidis is what we need if we are going to play defensivley and absorbing pressure. He can actually hold the ball up and make passes out to the wings.
  12. Pavlidis taken off cause if he got the hat-trick would be really hard to justify Bakasetas playing over him
  13. Speaking of Tzavellas why is his jersey so tight but his shorts are so baggy. I am not gonna complain too much who am I kidding of course I am. Look I am happy we got the point and I understand we were going to have to play defensively to get anything out of the match but that was really pathetic going forward. Bouchalkis does nothing at ALL. Mantalos also did nothing. Bakasetas scored the penalty which is great also did nothing. Limnios one of his worst NT performance. Positive for me was Tzolis who has to start if you are going to play that defensive his speed for countering comes in handy, also how fast is Llorente he caught him on that break somehow wow. Also if you are gonna set up to absorb pressure and break why is Fortounis not starting when he actually had the ability to to dribble and pick out a pass. Giakoumakis is on pace to break the dutch league scoring record doesn't start. Also Bakakis did okay but we need to find a new RB asap. Papadopoulos did well id start him with Mavropanos going forward. Though Angelos Van Skibbe did actually make decent subs hes gotta put a better 11ada out there. Its not like we would of been hemmed in our own half any longer if we actually had some attacking threat out there. Masouras provides nothing he is a poor mans Salpigidis.
  14. It was a great season, but this being my first ever experience with playoff baseball in this city it's gonna take some time to get over. I will always know that we had a man on 3rd with no outs and just could not bring him in. Now while we did terribly with RISP we got done in by bad calls on back to back at bats. Both with Navarro and Revere at the plate they gave Davis Strike calls out of the zone that would of made both 3-1 counts.
  15. Can anyone tell me why Laytroy Hawkins came in when we were down 3? Seriously. We put price in vs Texas last week with a 6 run lead because we didn't trust him yet down 3 and having to keep it at 3 we let him pitch. That was a awful move... And the knuckle ball wasn't moving of all the days lol. Estrada on the hill tomorrow. I don't want the season to end just yet so I am hoping we can keep this series going. 6 and 7 you have price and Stroman it's doable just hoping this doesn't end tomorrow.
  16. The game ended up much closer than I wanted but I will take it. I told everyone that I have talked to regarding our chances to win the series that we HAVE to win all 3 games at the dome. I don't see how we win both games 6 & 7 in their park. I like our chances of winning 1 of 2 games pitched by Stroman and Price in Kansas City. Price was cruising for most of the game up until the Goins / Bautista misplay. He finally had a runner on first and had to pitch from the stretch and dont forget Goins running in front of Tulo rather covering second stops us from turning a double play that most likely limits the damage. Greg Zaun during the post game said the Royals probably stole our signs as well during Perez 8 pitch at bat before Gordon's at bat because because Gordon was laying of all the breaking stuff, and waiting for the fastball. Price also always has had trouble vs Texas, and has done well vs KC in the past. Anyways lets get their first. Dickey has to have the knuckleball working tomorow, the Royal are swing happy as we have seen and not only will it help us win the game, facing a knuckleball can do a number on your swing for the next few games as well. Anyways one game at a time...
  17. I need something to watch before I get to watch my first ever Toronto Blue jays playoff game was 4 the last time they made :)
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