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  1. of course Spain can be beaten, but this team has underachieved for years and can't be considered clear favorites in this matchup. Also, while going undefeated is nice, the other teams in their group were bad. Slovenia and Croatia have already been eliminated (to the likes of Latvia and the Czech Republic I may add) and so will Georgia who faces Lithuania. The game against Spain will be their first real test.
  2. Lol they're stupid. We played in a very easy group, and didn't play well against a bad Belgium team in the first half. Tommorow's game against Spain is going to be really tough. Thank god Ibaka and Marc Gasol aren't playing. But Serbia and France are clear favorites imo. They've looked really impressive.
  3. Koufos has really done us wonders giving us valuable minutes as a back up big. We've really missed him over the years. Not a very convincing win but yeah I'll take hit. Who knows how Bogdanovic would of played, Croatia played a hell of game nonetheless. With no Goran Dragic I fully expect them to beat slovenia. But they gave Croatia a tough game opening night so they're dangerous.
  4. really nice to see that most teams have all their stars this year. Should make for a fun Eurobasket. Probably have our toughest challenge of the group stage tommorow against Croatia. Really interested to see how Saric and Mario look. Bojan Bogdanovic might be injured though. Should be intereting
  5. The future looks really scary especially with the lack of any good up and coming young youth players in the system
  6. Well at least they're pretty descent in basketball. Welcome to the dark ages people
  7. I kind of wanted to see Tachi instead of Samaris. I know Samaris gives better club performances but he's been dreadful for the national team lately.
  8. Yeah no chance of qualifying. Just hope we see signs of them playing better these next 2 days.
  9. seeing alot of scores with people predicting we will score more than one goal. We've already begun drinking today havent we?
  10. I seriously doubt they fear that. History has shown them they have no reason to.
  11. Relax guys we have Kats, its still not over!
  12. Well time to start from scratch. This team (this organization) can deffinitly use some purging. The HC, Karagounis, etc. have to go. I've seen enough of Kats, Mitroglou, Kone, Lazaros, Tziolis. As great as Samaris has been for his club, its time to seriously consider what type of role he has with this team going forward, he continues to have awful performances.
  13. Lazaros has had an awful year from what I understand (hasnt been getting any playing time down the strech this season). He shouldnt be in the starting 11.
  14. Id have Tachtsidis in for Kats and Fortounis in for for Karelis (who probably comes into replace Mitroglou when he inevitably gasses out)
  15. with regards to Karagounis: "You'll either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
  16. I just kick people in the shins when I play defense.
  17. I would love to see him in the EPL, god knows a team like Liverpool could use him. He's up for the challenge, and I'm sure he will play find there. Dortmund is a sinking ship, while Hummels and Subotic are staying, I expect a mass exodus to occur. I'm not sure going to Wolfsburg is a downgrade (they were wonderful this year), but its certainly not an upgrade and he should aim higher imo.
  18. I don't follow the Superleague so can anyone tell me something about Kolovos, Fountas, Tasoulis, and Tavlaridis? Not surprised that Vyntra, Kats, and Tziolis are on the squad. As long as they don't start I guess I won't be too upset. I expect Kats and Tziolis to make an appearence at some point in the match though. It is what it is....
  19. If Klopp goes to man city I dont think its unreasonable to think that he brings Sokratis with him. Man City sure needs help on defense, and Klopp always seemed to like Sokratis.
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