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  1. If we can maintain a winning form, stay injury free, then I believe we can reach 20-25 in the FIFA classification within 12-18 months, about where Sweden, Serbia, Poland and Ukraine are at the monent. Teams that I think we can compete with. We will need a good Euro qualifying campaign, get to Euro 2024 and pick up some good results, and then consolidate our position in League B. Hopefully some of our younger players can come through, and shine.  

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  2. 4 out 4 wins in 10 days. No goals conceded. Poyet couldnt have asked for a better start. Players can now have a good break. I like Poyet. He's old school, a little bit crazy.

    The real tests are coming in the next Euro qualifiers, but the way team is playing, gives me the belief that we can compete and beat stronger nations.

    I would love to see this Greece team in Germany in 2024.

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  3. On 5/22/2022 at 11:35 PM, Brklyngrk said:

    From the 25 players selected, I guarantee you most of us would agree on 22 spots. 

    Yes, I agree with that

    I would have selected Saliakas, Nicolaou and Kiriakopoulos over Kotsiras, one of Goutas / Tzavellas and one of Dioudis / Paschalakis.

    If Baldock was available, I would take him as the team's starting RB.

    Who's our captain? Bakasetas or Mantalos

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  4. Tzolis is just 20. Has enormous potential, but the reality is when given the chances at Norwich, his performances weren't good enough. 

    He needs to be managed well, and in hindsight would have been better to go a different league where he could get more playing time, and develop his game. But when PL comes knocking, and the signing fee is lucrative for a 19 y.o., it's a life changing opportunity and you can't say No. Saying that, we don't know what is going behind the scenes, if he's happy or not. Probably not, as he is not getting much opportunity to play with a club that's relegated. I am certain, that Norwich believed they had a gem and that the price they were picking him up for was a bargain.

    If you look at Liverpool, they bought Tzimikas for a similar price (I think it was a bit more, 12-13k) and he has been there for nearly 2 years, and while not a regualr starter, getting more game time now, he's defenitely improved, definitely happy and enjoying his time at Liverpool, and I would say his market value has gone up, or is expected to go up over the summer break.

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  5. Not too many changes from what we've seen in the past. Interesting that Kourbelis, Papanikolaou and Fountas have come into the squad.

    Don't know much about Papanikolaou but I think he plays in a DM / CM position for Rakow who are 2nd in the Polish league and just won the cup. That's good. We need these type of players.  

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  6. I would say 90% of the squad is as expected.

    Somewhat surprising is the omission of Giannoulis. Is he injured? I know he's not a starter at Norwich. He's brought in Kyriakopoulos, Nicolaou, Zota and Stafylidis and kept Goutas but has left out Manolas, Siovas and Soc. Kyriakopoulos and Nicolaou are regulars for their clubs in Italy and deserve the call up.

    The big surprise is the introduction of 19yo Kourfalidis who I have never heard of before. Here's what his coach thinks of him

    "According to Matsari, the Greek is a modern midfielder who combines athletic skills with technical training and maturity, while spreading his leadership qualities on the grass without hesitating to either fall with force in battle whenever needed or to attack. Elements that pushed Cagliari to proceed with the early renewal of his contract, which expired in the summer of 2023, until June 2026." 🙂



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  7. Coaches need to have different tactics depending on the opponent.

    The problem with Greece under JVS is that we struggled to beat Kosovo, Georgia at home. Tactics too predictable, and easy to defend against. The away match to Sweden 1st half was the blue print, with the only exception is that we didn’t score.

    International coaching and Club coaching are very different.

    Poyet will be coaching a national team for the first time. He may do alright or better. To be honest if we can’t top NL group C then he may not be the right man. Let’s see who he picks and what tactics he uses.

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  8. Source: https://www.transfermarkt.com/griechenland/startseite/verein/3378

    Socratis current market value is 3m euro, link: https://www.transfermarkt.com/sokratis-papastathopoulos/profil/spieler/34322

    Also, it's worth pointing out that Sporting Lisbon was ready to pay 12m euro for Bakasetas in Jan transfer period, but he declined it, citing he wanted to win the League with Trabzanspor: https://www.sport24.gr/football/mpakasetas-i-sportingk-plirone-ti-ritra-12-ekatommyrion-kai-ekeinos-arnithike.9548118.html.


  9. Correct. It depends on current form. It also depends on who we are playing, and if experience required, warranted.

    For example Manolas transfer market is nowhere near what it was in 2018, when playing at Roma. Still a quality player. On the other hand Mavropanos is valued at 17m euro and is having another solid year at Stuttgart.

    Current Player Transfer Market Value (in euro): -

    Mavropanos 17m

    Vlachodimos 15m

    Tzimikas 10m

    Masouras 10m

    Tziolis 10m

    Bakasetas 10m

    Gianoulis 7m

    Fortounis 6m

    Manolas 5m

    Pelkas 5m

    Bouchalakis 5m

    Kyriakopoulos 4m

    Siopis 3.8m

    Mantalos 3.2m

    Pavlidis 3m

    Chatzidiakos 3m

    Alexandrpoulos 2.5m

    Athanasiadis 1.7m

    Douvikas 1.5m

    Limnios 1.5m

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  10. Interesting development.

    FIFA has come out and said they will not recognise Russia and has replaced the name with Football Union of Russia (RFU). No Russia flag or anthem will be allowed to be used at their matches.

    Poland, Sweden and Czech Republic have all come out and stated they will forfeit playing Russia or RFU in the knockout rounds for the WC qualification. Can this mean the RFU as they will be known, gets a free pass to WC Qatar?

    FIFA hasn't made a decision but it's possible that unless things change, Russia will be excluded from competing in the knockout rounds. If Russia is excluded, does Poland get a free pass to the final knockout round or does FIFA replace Russia with another Nation. Matches are scheduled to start 24 Mar.

  11. It’s all about results. Performance has to be measured by wins first, and then by all the other parameters.

    JVS alienated and pissed off some of our best talent. Trust was broken. Clearly they did not want to play for him. Then again, others were excluded from the lineup or squad. That’s not good.

    Starting 11 has to include our best talent. There can be no rifts. Coach has to have the last say but we cannot not have our best players in the team.

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  12. 9 hours ago, DiogenesLight said:

    … Can anyone verify if Tsanas is Technical Director of the NT?

    Technical Director of the NT is Kostas Konstantinidis. Takis Fyssas is Sporting Director.

    According to Wiki, Tsanas is the current technical director of EPO.

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  13. The info coming out is that he’s a defensive coach who grinds out a result. Sort of like Greece 2004-14. That will be interesting, because the philosophy over the last 2 years was to play more attractive, attacking football.

    When he was at AEK he was quite impressed with Mantalos and I think in 2016 wanted to sign him at Shanghai Shenhua after leaving AEK. I will be curious to see what he does with the squad, whether he brings back any of Manolas, Soc, Retsos, Fountas or if he stays with the current squad. Also, players such as Fortounis, Galanopoulos, Kourbelis are coming back after long injury. Every new coach usually adds at least one new face.

    Next match is a friendly with Romania 26/3.


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  14. Poyet 54, he looks like he could still play.

    His greatest achievement as a manager was keeping Sunderland up in the Premier League in 2014.  With 6 matches to go they needed to gain +7 pts on their relegation rivals, with matches against Man City, Chelsea and Man U. They stayed up with one game to spare.


    He was a top defender, who played in the PL. He knows the game. I think he will instill winner mentality and if results come then the team can grow.

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  15. Translation: The coach of Pogoń Szczecin, Kosta Runjaić, has received a serious offer to lead the Greek national team. Representatives of the Greek federation even appeared in Belek, the work is ongoing since February. The Pogoń coach refused.

    Seriously? Where do they find these coaches

  16. Ντούνγκα, Ντε Μπιάτζι, Ντοναντόνι, Ρούναϊτς έχουν προταθεί στην ΕΠΟ, και όχι μόνο ενώ δεν αποκλείεται τις επόμενες μέρες να εξεταστούν και άλλες περιπτώσεις.

    This could run into Feb-Mar



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