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  1. Mitroglou playing for Olympiacos & Benfica is more dangerous in getting in regular goal scoring positions than with the National Team because he would have a very dangerous goal scoring attacking midfielders, wingers or co-striker playing around him which makes it difficult for defenders to man mark him out of the game the way it seems to be with the national team. With the National Team the opposition put two men on Mitroglou & have Fortounis not a inch of space being man marked & Greece have nothing in attack. In the past Fetfatzidis, Ninis, Kone, Lazaros & even Holebas when fit & in form would all love to run & take on defenders which then isolates Mitroglou.
  2. Vellios started & scored the 2-2 equalizer in the 24th minute in Nottingham Forests overnight away 2-5 win over Barnsley. He was substituted in the 71st minute, replaced by Bendtner.
  3. Have the belief, keep up the passion & all roads will lead to Russia 2018! The Tzavellas goal will become more significant in November 2017 after qualifying for a 3rd consecutive FIFA World Cup tournament through the playoffs.
  4. All four of them plus a few others like Mavrias, Bakasetas, Kitsiou, Pelkas, Vergos, Hatzidiakos, Tsimikas, Vouros, Androutsos, Manthatis, Chouchoumis, Marinakis, Galanopoulos, Tzanetopoulos, Tselios, Charisis, Koulouris, Mystakidis, Dimitriadis & a few more are all a chance & I would love to see a young team playing free flowing attacking football but time will tell if they can go to that next level & not become another Charilaos Pappas, Panagiotis Vlachodimos etc whom were the Greek Ronaldo at one stage. That 23 man squad I put earlier is what I think Skibbe will succeed with & it's about a balance, covering every position in case of injury & able to be flexible in changing formation.
  5. It just show the lack of true natural creativity within the Greek team other than Fortounis & now that there is no Holebas on the left to make up for that lack of creativity we got to hope that the team play the match of their lives with a lot of luck to get the crucial 3 points at home to Bosnia & Herzegovina on Sunday. -------------------Karnezis---------------- Toro-----Sokratis-----K.Pap---Tzavellas ------------Maniatis-------Tachtsidis---- Karelis---------Fortounis------Mantalos ------------------Mitroglou---------------
  6. One minute it had Maniatis not playing then it has him coming off at half time. So they have mistaken him for Petsos. Probably giving some valuable game time as back for Torosidis rather than defensive midfield where he has the useless Tziolis.
  7. Bring on Maniatis if we want to win the control of the midfield & you will see our attacking playing will get more touches.
  8. Greece will qualify for Russia 2018 & reach the Quarter Final or Semi Final with a squad similar to this. Orestes Karnezis Giannis Maniatis Kostas Stafylidis Kostas Manolas Kyriakos Papadopoulos Giorgos Tzavellas Sotiris Ninis Andreas Bouchalakis Kostas Mitroglou Kostas Fortounis Giannis Fetfatzidis Stefanos Kapino Panagiotis Glykos Panagiotis Retsos Vasilis Torosidis Mario Oikonomou Giannis Giannotas Apostolos Vellios Sokratis Papastathopoulos Dimitrios Diamantakos Thanos Petsos Andreas Samaris Nikos Karelis
  9. Could had a hat trick with that other chance he nicely created.
  10. Bosnia & Herzegovina are a very good attacking team with a good solid goalkeeper but if tested & put under pressure can crumble. Greece need to be in their face & play a high intensive game. If we sit back & allow Bosnia & Herzegovina control the midfield they will kill us with their playmakers & Dzeko up front. Say what you want about Maniatis but he is what we need. As Maniatis & Kyriakos Pap lack match fitness one half of sharing between them of being that wrecking ball in front of the back four with Tachtsidis or Samaris as their partner will do the job.
  11. Greek veteran striker Theofanis Gekas is at again with two goals in Sion's 5-1 home win to Lugano in Swiss Super League action overnight.
  12. I hope your right but if Greece qualify for Russia 2018 the players replacing Holebas would of done the job & if they don't perform well & Greece don't qualify, Holebas will be 36 at Euro 2020.
  13. Nikod, when I saw he was stopping from the national team Georgatos, Zikos & Eleftheropoulos immediately came to mind after the 5-1 loss to Finland. If it was due to bad attitude towards the national team ok but it just seemed like a preference. Holebas is one my favorite players in the national team but if he quits so easy without trying to fight his way back into the start lineup, whether as a left winger/midfielder or left back it must not mean that much anymore & should stick to club football.
  14. Holebas was getting regular game time for the national team when not playing regularly at club level & now that he has played in every minute of every EPL match for Watford this season he is 3rd choice left back behind Tzavellas & Stafylidis. More importantly Greece has too many conservative footballers & not enough flare & this will hurt Greece against the tough opponents like Bosnia-Herzegovina & Belgium.
  15. Shocked to see he decided to give up the National Team. http://www.xxxyyyzzz (spam)/XXXxxxXXX (spam)-allnews/20161011-2
  16. Playing 90 minutes against Cyprus would of benefit him a lot & yes as much as he lacks in creativity in attack as a individual he is very important to the chemistry of the team as shown since his return to the team in the match against the Netherlands after almost a year out with injury.
  17. Without Fortounis or Ninis they lack creativity in the playmaker roll in the middle of the park, therefore you play to the strengths of what you have available & with the above team or something similar Greece will be very strong in set pieces like corners with Kyriakos, Sokratis & Manolas Estonia will struggle to score from corners & pooh their pants every corner or set pieces Greece get. With Maniatis in the midfield you know he will hunt down any Estonian attacking options, win those 50/50 battles allowing Tachtidis to be more creative in attack or the wing backs can push forward with piece of mind that Maniatis will cover. Greece can not have both Tziolis & Maniatis. Two defensive midfielders limited in attack is a mistake & if you pick one you go for Maniatis as Tziolis not only lacks creativity in attack but shows no urgency in defense. Prediction Estonia 0 Greece 1
  18. For the Estonia match without Samaris, Fortounis & Tzavellas out injured. ------------------Karnezis----------------- ------Manolas---Kyriakos---Sokratis--- Toro---Maniatis---Tachtsidis---Holebas Gianiottas----------------------Mantalos ------------------Mitroglou---------------
  19. Kyriakos Papadopoulos played as a defensive central midfielder with Schalke reaching the Semi Final of the UEFA Champions League & with national in that campaign against Israel & Croatia for South Africa 2010. Torosidis can play as central midfielder also but then you weaken the right back position in attack by playing Oikonomou or Maniatis there.
  20. Torosidis in the central midfield in the Olympiacos days.
  21. It surprises me how a few people act as if Torosidis at 31 has lost it! Probably the same people whom rubbished Theo Zagorakis selection prior to Euro 2004 because he was a few months away from turning 33 years of age. I think Torosidis would be very good in that central defensive midfield roll but as Greece lack quality at right back & have too many defensive midfielders his experience & quality of crosses on the right flank will be important.
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