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  1. Our best pick up by far, arguably our best and most important player!
  2. I'll be in Athens on the 27 June this year. At this rate I'll be able to see a game or two....
  3. I cant believe these idiots that keep hastling Demis!! He is trying to make the best move for AEK with the stadium, finacially. He is trying to kick our these hooligans from the sport, he is trying to make AEK financially stable. We are 2nd in the League and in the Cup final. Why cant people be happy and do what there supposed to do!! Support the team!!! Shame on these 100 or so idiots who try to ruin everything. You dont deserve to wear the yellow and black and support AEK :tdown: :tdown: Bravo Demis, the stadium will be sorted out soon!!! :tup: LONG LIVE AEK :tup:
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