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  1. Greece over USA for the final.. :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: wishes.. wishes.. wishes.. :whistle: :la:
  2. Just read my post above.. A few posts above... :rolleyes:
  3. To put Turkey above France is ridiculous! Just once try to get your dark glasses about Turkiye out and see the reality.. Just once!! <_< <_< <_< <_<
  4. that's absolutely wishful!! they're nothing but except 11 idiots around Nowitzer!!!
  5. All credit to two African teams who fought till the end and deserved every success... :nw: Carlos Almeida :nw:
  6. 1. Argentina 2. United States 3. Spain 4. Greece 5. Turkey 6. Lithuania 7. France 8. Germany Spain look very well and I think they will give it hard till the end!!
  7. USA - Argentina will play the final.. the Tangoboyz will win it and get what they already deserved from 2002 (when that s.o.b American ref handed the title over to Serbians for good).. Spain to beat Greece at third-place play-off!! Turkey fifth, Lietuva sixth, French seventh and someone eighth..
  8. the serbian team is crap.. more importantly, wut was Dumars smoking when he drafted this Milicic idiot at #2?? :LOL: :LOL:
  9. :LOL: good hopes but no coming true, I guess... :LOL: but seriously I never thought the word "cameroonopoulos" would create such a controversy.. I'm sorry if there are any misunderstandings caused but most guys know me in this forum.. I'm not against any blacks, jews, greeks, turks, cameroonians, nigerians, french, russians or anything.. back to B-Ball, I'm really happy to see Lietuva win over Italy because it would really be quite pitiful if players like Jasaitis, Macijauskas and Lavrinovitch bro.s would be eliminated so early!!! :tup:
  10. i didn't watch the game and i even did not see the stats yet.. but hey, 30 by Serkan.. that's very good cause he was hugely disappointing in the offence in the first four games.. congrats to the greek team and i can say both turkey and greece will be in the quarters cause china and slovenia are no match, i think.. cameroonopoulos had a great game?? well, than our centres should have taken this day off!! :LOL: he's by far the worst player in the greek team.. <_<
  11. you're trying to salvage even a single drachmi for the club, aren't you!! :D
  12. Greece is better than LithinuaniaThe rest looks ok add Jasikevicius to this team and you'll see the Lietuvosi right behind US & Arg.. ;)
  13. wow!! Russia & Italy over Turkey!!?? that's quite strange I have to say because even with Kirilenkho they are desperate... and this Serbia team is a disaster!! we'll beat them any time.. :rolleyes: I would put USA, Spain and Argentina as three favourites.. then it will be a group of four-five teams including Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, Lithuania and maybe France and Germany in no order.. but teams like Australia, Puerto Riko and Brazil cna cause upsets to these teams any day..
  14. clever move by PAO and a chance to shine in a lowly team of a competitve league.. :)
  15. this is a great group and two unforgettable matches took place today.. Hellas showed their spirit by winning the game in 19 seconds.. down from 5 pts.. great performance.. and Turkiye defeated Brasil --for the first time in the history-- 73-71 in an impossibly close encounter.. The interesting thing in this game was the support our guys got from Greek fans in the stands.. A friend of mine in Japan said he broke into tears when Greeks came near the Turks when Barbosa was taking the free throws with 7 seconds to go (70-71).. unbelievably, he missed both and we got it!! :nw: up next is.. Qatar.. guys, do you see that there are 4 continental champions in this group?? Greece, Brazil, Qatar and Australia.. keep in mind that Turkey is the runner-up in 2001 and Lithuania are the winners of 2003.. A VERY TOP QUALITY GROUP!! :huh:
  16. that's pretty good!! ;) I would need to pull of a big translation job.. :LOL: this year's jerseys remind me the colours of Sporting Lisboa... the third jersey esp.. :)
  17. 2001-02 jersey --with the blue stripe-- was a very nice jersey.. is there anyone in the flea market?? ;)
  18. should be Lonny Baxter.. he was one of the worst American players I ever saw play in the Euroleague.. :huh: very physical but not a hint of a skill.. :ph34r:
  19. you got Delk?? he's been a proven scorer in NBA --in late 90's that's true but anyway here is Europe-- and can do quite well.. you really should have got Maciauskas.. I have a felling Frinos will kick ass this year.. :unsure: Javtokas is a great C/PF.. I hope Obradovich doesn't wear him out like he did with Femerling.. You also got Ntikoudis so other than that PG spot, you look OK.. :)
  20. Sani Besirovic is the back-up combo-guard in Slovenia NT behind Lakovic... He has always been seen as a hot potential but never made his mark in Europe.. He was rejected after trials with several top Euroleague teams like Kinder Bologna, Zalgiris and Efes Pilsen. He has played mainly for Union Olimpija and Krka Novo Mesto of Slovenia..
  21. i'm talking about their signings not their achievements.. ;) i really hope you don't expect Besirovic to become another Lakovic!! and why didn't you go for Mace?? you desperately need a player in his position..
  22. the list of those leading teams can well change this year however.. Olympiacos is really making some clever moves.. Gershon, Domercant and Maciauskas are top class signatures.. and what has PAO done?? why did they Lakovic go?? more importantly, why did they replace him with a loser --Besirovic--??
  23. oh mate, c'mon! Efes average... :huh: Other than Maccabi, CSKA, Winthertur Barcelona and Tau who are in their own league with their squads and monetary facilities, I would rate Efes in the second string of teams among PAO, Skipper and Benetton.. A team always in Top 8 for the last 10 years CANNOT BE average, man! and the standards.. the word standard I misused it a bit.. I mean I'm not sure whether he would be able to defend.. because he is quite undersized for an off-guard.. it's not Fenerbahce, it will be Fenerbahce Ulker as Ulker gave their most important players and their right to participate in the Euroleague to the gays.. Very key players like Kutluay, Onan and Turkcan will play for the gays this season.. :whistle: and they have signed Willie Solomon from Maccabi Elite as well... and they have two very promising players in Hakan Demirel and Semih Erden/.. they are not so bad and the second favourites after Efes in Turkey rite now!!
  24. Efes Pilsen added its third guard to its squad yesterday after officially declaring that they signed former AEK and Hapoel Migdal combo-guard Horace Jenkins. It's a strange coincidence as Efes has signed both Euroleague and Uleb Cup topscorers of last season.. The odd thing is Efes now has five guards for a place of two.. Ender Arslan and Baris Ermis were already there from last year and they have added clutch-player Cuneyt Erden from Ulkerspor, Drew Nicholas from Benetton Basket Treviso and finally Jenkins (186 cm, 32 yr).. I do not know much about this player.. I know he had a stint at AEK in 2003 and averaged something like +15 ppg but I really have doubts whether he can play up to the standards of Efes.. Because I have a feeling that he doesn't like the D which is the first and foremost importance of Efes ecole!! Can anyone provide some info on this guy?? :unsure:
  25. Bargnani - ItalianHoward - ??? King James - ??? aren't the last two American?? ;)
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