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  1. I think our rotation shall be like..PG - Ender Arslan(Panionios)-Engin Atsur(Benetton)-Hedo Turkoglu * SG - Serkan Erdogan(TAU)-Ersan Ilyasova(Barca)-Ibrahim Kutluay(Fenerbahce) SF - Hedo Turkoglu - Ersan Ilyasova - Omer Onan (Fenerbahce) * PF - Ermal Kuqo (Efes) - Kerem Gonlum (Efes) - Hedo Turkoglu * C - Memo Okur - Semih Erden (Fenerbahce) - Fatih Solak (Galatasaray) Tanjevic likes to give all the players a share so it can be said we will see Memo, Hedo and maybe Ilyasova playing up to 28-30 mins and the rest of the team shall be at around 15 to 25 mins. What we lack in this team is a scoring playmaker as neither Arslan nor Atsur seem to be consistent with their shooting. Both can drive in to the lane and dish well but our scoring from these two players will rarely exceed 10-12 points which is bothering. One advantage we have is players covering the same positions having different skills, such as Ersan who is an athletic winger and a sharp shooter and Hedo who is not such a good shooter but a better defender on one-v-ones. Same goes for Ermal and Kerem; the former likes to post up around the low post while the latter has a better overall game and is a threat with his intimidating blocks. * - will cover that position if needed
  3. Mehmet Okur's name is now written with golden letters (too turkish style, ain't it? :P ) in Turkish basketball history. He has been selected as "THE PLAYER OF THE WEEK IN WESTERN CONFERENCE" as he carried his team to 3:0 in the absence of Carlos Boozer. He had 26.3 points 11.3 rebounds and 2.6 assists in the Jazz's three key wins over San Antonio, Phoenix and Chicago respectively. :nw: He sent his respectful greetings to stupid NBA coaches who didn't select him as a reserve center for the all star game.. <_<
  4. After a monster win against the Spurs two days ago, the Jazz have now beaten the Suns 108-105, with the finishing touches comingn again from Mehmet Okur. The center who was not selected among all-star reserves dominated the second half of the game with putbacks, jump shots, 3 pointers and inside scoring as he had 19 of his 29 points in the second half. He had 12 boards to go with his points. "This is Memo.. This guys loves clutch play!" said his teammate point-guard Deron Williams, who had 28 points and 10 assists. The Jazz are now 2-1 since the Boozer injury.
  5. "The Prime Time Spurs Killer" (what Steve Kerr calls him) Mehmet Okur has yet another time killed the Spurs with his 31 points and 12 rebounds. He had 14 points in the final quarter and the Jazz, without injured Carlos Boozer, ended a two game slide. In the absence of Boozer, rarely used reserve players also got their fair share in the win as Brazilian power forward Rafa Araujo had 8 points 7 rebounds 3 steals and the rookie Paul Millsap had 15 points and 9 boards. Jazz came up with 50 rebounds against the Spurs, tying their season best which wa also against Spurs in November.
  6. Fenerbahce Ulker's Latvian center Kaspars Kambala has been tested positive for a doping substance. His samples were taken after the Aris game at Abdi Ipekci. He has been left out of the squad for the game against CSKA Moskva...
  7. UTAH JAZZ-MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES: 130-132 well, quite sad Jazz lost to Grizz but some numbers in this game have simply been spectacular from both sides.. let's take a look.. UTAH JAZZ Carlos Boozer - 39 points from 18-24 FG (75% shooting) and 15 rebounds Mehmet Okur - 27 points 11 rebounds (72 % 3pt shooting) Deron Williams - 7 points 21 assists Andrei Kirilenko - 18 points 12 rebounds 5 assists 4 blocked shots MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES Pau Gasol - 17 points 13 rebounds 12 assists & Triple-Double Kenneth Atkins - 29 points 15 assists (6/10 3pt shooting)
  8. Efes kept their asskicking tunes on as they came back from 8 points with 2:50 to go to beat Climamio 76-74. Horace Jenkins had 7 of his 15 points in the last 2:43 and led the way. Efes' long-time injured sharpshooter Antonio Granger also made his return and had just 1 rebound in his 1:35 minute-stint.
  9. it's been a superb week for our teams.. Fener trashed Barca in the fourth quarter to win 82-69.. hopes stil alive.. Efes kicked some ass in Greece.. 92 - 71 against Olympiacos.. some teams just can't win huh :LOL: Telekom took sweet revenge from Panionios.. 71 - 68.. TTnet rocks.. :tup:
  10. Mehmet Okur have taken over the leading role at Utah Jazz in the last two games of the team as he poured in a combined 50 points against Grizzlies (20 points 9 rebounds) and Hawks (30 points 10 rebounds 4/5 3pts). in addition, in the game against Bobcats, Memo played his 208th consecutive match for the Jazz, making him the fifth player in that list in Jazz franchise history (1. Stockton 2. Havlichek 3. Malone 4. Russell). Jazz lost 89-101 to Bobcats as Memo had 19 points and 9 rebounds. Boozer led his team with 22 points and 14 rebounds. quite off topic, but what the hell is Krilenko doing?? he was supposed to be the star of this team, not Memo, not Boozer! :blink:
  11. I'm pretty impressed with that Wilkinson guy.. His name may sound like a razor :LOL: and he shaved Fener's centres by himself.. Fener needs to big win after this loss..
  12. oh holy crap!!! Efes Pilsen lost to Climamio Bologna 72-74 and the away team, coached by Turkish headcoach Ergin Ataman, got its very first win in the Euroleague.. Efes Pilsen, coming from a monster win over Olympiacos last week, led all the way until 1 min 15 seconds when Climamio took its second ever lead in the game 65-68 with a Shumpert 3pt. Efes increased the gap to 11 pts at the end of third quarter (59-48) but fell agonizingly short and is now 3:3. Ataman replaced Fabricio Frates two weeks ago as Climamio headcoach after the team fell to 0:4 in the Euroleague and 2:5 in Italian League.
  13. Turk Telekom beat Panionios Forthnet 82-75 and taught a good lesson to their Serbian head coach.. Turk Telekom now lead their group with 3:1 and a win away would probably seal the lead in their group.. Erwin Dudley was yet again the man of the match, posting 28 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. The Jamaica-based American centre was not the only player in Telekom to post a double-double, as playmaker Tutku Acik had 16 points and 1o assists... :nw: :nw: :nw:
  14. so far, it's been a huge week for Turkish teams in basketball.. Efes Pilsen have trashed Euroleague favourites Olympiacos 95-77 after an incredible 39-17 run in the 4th quarter. Gershon's face in the 4th quarter said it all! Banvitspor have beaten a Russian team and have taken the group lead in their FIBA Eurocup Group. The pride of Ankara in basketball, Turk Telekom, have smashed Eurocup favourites Perm Ural Great or Russia 96-79 behind 24 points from forward Jan Hendrik Jagla and 19 each from center Erwin Dudley and combo guard Muratcan Guler. They have 2 wins out of 3 games now and if they beat Panionios with +8 pts next week (which is very much possible) they will probably win the group.. Today's match sees Fenerbahce Ulker at Winthertur FC Barcelona and a win here for Fener would be hugely surprising..
  15. and finally Ilyasova started to get his chance.. after his impressive 7 pts 5 rebs display in just 8 minutes against Wizards a few days ago, he played for 23 minutes against Pacers yersterday and got 12 pts, 2 stl, 2 rebs and more importantly had 5/6 FG (2/2 from downtown).. Terry Stots, Bucks headcoach, said after the game that he needs to focus more on his defensive display and that 2 stl, 2 rebs will not be enough to make him a regular.. you f***n s** of a b***h, 5/6 FG is the BEST OVERALL IN YOUR TEAM!!! :angry: :angry:
  16. worth mentioning here is the success of Utah Jazz.. they started with a franchise high 10-1 and in the last 5 games AK-47 was injured.. Carlos Boozer is playing like Karl Malone, Deron Williams is playing like a true point guard (15+ pts 7+ asts) and Memo is playing like a creative center (15+ pts 7+ rebs 3.5 asts).. other than these three main guys, surprise packages like C.J. Miles at the off-guard position and Paul Millsap at the small forward position are really making a huge contribution.. I don't know whether this is a one-of explosion in form or indicators of a consistent rise to being a contender, this team is really doing well.. here are some stats from their starting 5 in their last game with Raptors.. Deron Williams PG -- 35 mins, 5/18 FG, 12 pts, 5 rebs, 8 asts C.J. Miles SG -- 14 mins, 1/5 FG, 2 pts 2 rebs P. Millsap SF -- 27 mins, 8/10 FG, 20 pts, 7 rebs C. Boozer PF -- 33 mins, 14/16 FG, 35 pts, 9 rebs M. Okur C -- 41 mins, 5/16 FG, 17 pts, 13 rebs
  17. i agree with you about Ersan.. he HAS TO PLAY in that poor Bucks rotation..Simmons is no better than him!!! about Stojakovic, Gasol and Ginobili.. they were not signed as future prospects by their franchises when they first moved to the NBA.. especially Ginobili and Gasol directly started at Spurs and Grizzlies.. do you remember Nowitzki's story?he was transferred from a German Second Division team as a future project in 1999. you know what happens to those sort of "projects" (Serguei Monya, Darko Milicic, Michael Olowokandi...etc) but he somehow broke into the team and worked very hard and became the Larry Bird of the modern era.. another unexpected European development is Zaza Pachulia (Turkish-based Georgian) who is a regular at Hawks and who was a regular at Bucks. he's not among the elite centers in the league (Shaq, Yao, Kaman, Memo, Amare...etc) but he has really done well to establish himself in the NBA.. by the way, they didn replay the game.. i mean, the game is remember now for its incident!! ;)
  18. in TBL's derby and potential practice for title-deciding matches, Efes Pilsen have beaten Fenerbahce Ulker 83-72.. but the game is now recalled for a fierce brawl between Efes forward Marcus Haislip and Fener swingman Mirsad Turkcan.. both players have been handed 9 game bans and 40,000 YTL fines by the Basketball Federation..
  20. in the first derby game of the BEKO Turkish Basketball League, Fenerbahce Ulker have beaten Beşiktaş Colaturka, 83-71.Fener dominated from the start and Beşiktaş never came close. Jamel Thomas of Beşiktaş led all scorers with 25 pts (most of them scored at garbagetime) and former Efes guard Willie Solomon had 16 pts 6 rebs 5 ast for Fenerbahce Ulker. Beşiktaş Colaturka look like a shadow of the team it once was in the last two years.. Replacing greats like El Amin, Ffriend and Wright with mediocre guys like Reese, Ostojic and Sales doesn't look like a good idea! Poor Didin!! :( hey drako, Delk had 20 against Aris ;) and your favourite Sunny Delightovic had 11!! :LOL: how did my man do (Javtokas)?
  21. these rankings are absolutely ridiculous!! Serbia 4th.. what has Serbia done since 2002??? just a qtr-final at EUROBASKET 2003.. Turkey 16th.. i see teams like New Zealand, China, Angola and Canada over us and get mad!! was Canada even at the WC?? Croatia 19th Slovenia 20th.. these teams are better than at least 7-8 of the teams that are over them.. and actually.. where the hell is USA since 1994??? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Argentina, Spain, Greece and/or Lithuania should be ranked above USA?? but i think it's similar to the very stupid stuff in football.. European teams play with stronger teams in two year periods in EUROBASKETS, whilst USA plays with Cayman Islands and Guatemala to win the Central American Cup!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  22. it's not only SI or ESPN pundits but even the US coach that is so arrogant.. Coach K and Numbers.. I went alough when he forgot to bring on Howard in the entire 2nd half!! :LOL: Wade was covering the PF position at one minute.. :LOL:
  23. Greece over USA for the final.. :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: wishes.. wishes.. wishes.. :whistle: :la: Pou'se re Tourke file? I was expecting you'd be holding one of those :gr: Are you pulling a Houdini on us or are you too busy eating crap sandwiches? :LOL: mate, I'm here ;) and did I say Greece can't beat France!! I SAID GREECE CANT BEAT US and MY STATEMENTS ARE BASED ON B-BALL REASONS!! but this is sports and anything can happen on any day but I still think it will be an ARG-USA final.. just my opinion.. btw, I was holding :gr: during EURO 2004, don't worry!! :tup:
  24. Just one word.. even though they will play us.. :rolleyes: AR-GEN-TI-NA AR-GEN-TI-NA !!!
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