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  1. End of the first half, 0-0.
  2. First fifteen, still 0-0.
  3. I got PES 12 ... guess it 'll be an endless discussion between fans of both series. :D
  4. That's the thing, these aren't people that went off by choice but just didn't enter for some time because they could not access the site ...
  5. It has come to my attention that a lot of us have come in (again) lately after being off for a while, and I've read multiple times that you hadn't been able to access the site... Could any of you give some feedback on this, describe exactly what message you got, how long this lasted etc ... so we can try and fix this issue (because Phantis has not gone offline ...)? Also, if this occurs again, you can always contact us through the Phantis Contact Form on the main site (which I hope is then still accessible to you)! Thanks in advance!
  6. Agreed. A team that should've made it instead of this cheating Olympiakos Volou, is now being punished, together with Greek football as a whole which now has one representative less.
  7. 5 year ban in Europe for Volos? Is another Greek team taking its place?
  8. There are many vids of our 2011 Cup Win, but I really like this one (made by OdysseasOriginal21):
  9. An overview of our transfers (in and out) so far this summer. Keep coming back to this first post in the thread, it will be updated regularly! Also have a look at this thread for the discussion of our changes this summer! In - Transfers Dimitrios Sialmas (25 y., from PAS Giannina) - Free transfer Giannis Kontoes (25 y., from Panionios) - Free transfer Mavroudis Bougaidis (18 y., from Aris) - Free transfer Sokratis Tsoukalas (18 y., from Palermo primavera (youth)) - Free transfer Eidur Gudjohnsen (32 y., from Stoke City) - Free transfer Jose Carlos (23 y., from Sevilla) - Free transfer Paul Katsetis (15 y., from Blacktown City) - Free transfer Dimitrios Konstantopoulos (32 y., from AO Kerkira) - €75.700 Elfar Freyr Helgason (21 y., from Breidablik UBK) - €141.000 Nikos Englezou (17 y., AEK youth) - / Thomas Tsitas (19 y., from Iraklis) - Free transfer Fabian Vargas (31 y., from Almeria) - ? In - On loan: Leo Beleck (18 y., on loan from Udinese) - ? Juan Torres Ruiz (Cala) (21 y., on loan from Sevilla) - ? In - Back from loan spell: Spyros Matentzidis (20 y., back from Anagennisi Karditsas) Joseph Agyriba (22 y., back from Diagoras Rhodos) Antonios Rikka (25 y., back from AO Kerkira) Stamatis Kalamiotis (21 y., back from Niki Volos) Out - Transfers Milan Lukac Ismael Blanco Sanel Jahic (to APOEL) Dino Drpic Sebastian Saja (to Racing Club de Avellaneda) Mixalis Tsamourlidis Nabil Baha Lefteris Intzoglou (to Atromitos) Georgios Paligeorgos Panagiotis Zorbas (to OFI, where he was on loan) Dimitris Koutromanos (to Panetolikos Agrinio) Carlos Araujo (to Lanus) Claudio Dadomo (to Ergotelis) Papa Bouba Diop Ignacio (Nacho) Scocco (to Al-Ain) - €2.830.000 Out - On loan Sergio Abdurahmani (to PAOK Glyfada) Out - Was on loan Cristian Nasuti (back to River Plate) Michel (back to Birmingham City) David Mateos (back to Real Madrid) Eder (back to Tombense)
  10. I doubt he would even consider it tbh ...Werder and Lazio both sound good...
  11. Wow he's come a long way since his time at AEK apparently. Shame.
  12. AEK will be using OAKA again coming season, however they want to only allow people in the lower stands as to be able to create a serious atmosphere.
  13. Ideally he would get lots of playing time at Milan. That doesn't happen and apparently won't happen so between being able to say that he's part of Milan or being able to play every week, I will also go for the latter as the most important. Nevertheless I wish he got more chances at Milan.
  14. Yeah that must be right. Anyway we had two Greeks on the pitch tonight, not just Papadopoulos, but Charisteas as well who came on at '77.
  15. I also didn't see the game but was wondering the same thing. Anyway it's nice to see a Greek this far in the champions league ...
  16. :tup: All suggestions are welcome I'm sure, though it will be Lazarus that will have to judge the technical possibilities.
  17. Very true Crazy! A big CONGRATS to Aris and their fans! Now, here are the Aris goals: And a match recap:
  18. The Greece - Canada friendly will apparently be played here.
  19. Thanks Euro! I've been fine, how are you? Noticed you haven't been on in a while ... hope everything's fine :tup: ! I see what you mean and thanks for the translation. I hope he can feature again for Milan... he is a great player.
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