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  1. aekmafia21

    It takes aek too be down 2 goals to finally start actin like football players
  2. aekmafia21

    Icant beleive what were missing
  3. aekmafia21

    Djebour goal sta arxi#%$ mou
  4. aekmafia21

    Im so freckin vexed man WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is goin on
  5. aekmafia21

    Wow we are officially pathetic and saxa needs to sit on the bench 2 shots 2 goals go back to argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. aekmafia21

    We have no one good enough to stretch ther d and scoco seems uninterested once again im starin to really hate this guy ta eidia pramata as last year from him
  7. aekmafia21

    Were not going anywhere with jahic and karabelas plain and simple we get brain farts when its time for the most important touch which is to score. Its a heat wave in mtl i dont know if i should continue to watch our xalia or go and enjoy the weather :D
  8. aekmafia21

    Hand ball not given why not!!!!!!!!!!
  9. aekmafia21

    Do we know understand why we need players on the flanks Valte to blanco mesa!!!!
  10. aekmafia21

  11. aekmafia21

    Still early but leave it to aek not to take charge and advantage of pao and oly stumbble. Why do we have problems playin b division clubs
  12. aekmafia21

    Kala na pathoume san na to perimena!!!!!
  13. Scaloni is on the list for aek please no not another 30 plus players we saw what happend with arra and juan...................
  14. aekmafia21

    When does aek ever get a chance to jump ahead of oly and pao 1st game of the year lets us have this one :P
  15. Very happy good player one done lets get jiranek and were good
  16. aekmafia21

    Should be straight forward but with aek u never know which team will show up i say a dull 1-0 for aek They dont look like there in any kind of match fit form from what ive seen from dundee
  17. Sorry for theback to back post but whats the deal with gueirrero and araujo are we just cursed with players pay them or dump them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. What worries the most is guys like lymbe dellas geas kafes are prone to injuries and up in age and there for take much longer too heal then a young buck.
  19. I dont get it were averege joes and we know what they need what is the hold up o xpovos kilai end of aug is fast approching
  20. A de pe!!!!!!!!!!! ti perimenoume parte to jiranek kai to nasouti na gemisi to rooster na teleiosoume aman ti panagia!!!!!!! DEXI BACK KAI KENTRIKO AMYNTIKOS
  21. Villa obviously stands out they caked walk in the group paok 2nd i dont see why not if you can walk into turkey and pull off a draw in that kind of atmosphere and almost win it in extra
  22. Yikes we never say never but it does look like a champions league group aris is blessed to have a very intimidating home ground that maybe push them threw
  23. We have unfinished business wih anderlecht and zenit we owe them more
  24. Wow I Cant beleive we got a favorable group i am in awwwwww zenit causes me the most headaches the rich russian put in some big bucks, but yet again if we play like that we can easily finish last. Very very happy indeed we actually can move on which means more cash and coefficent points I dont see why we cant finish 2nd of even 1st if and only if we plug the holes stopper dexi back ktl.... we showed we can play attractive football in aussie land
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