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  1. The worst tactics I’ve ever seen from Greece. This is ridiculous
  2. Why the F*** is barkas playing!??? Also, is kolovos leading the line?????wtf
  3. The best feed is agonasport. U pay $7. Stream is picture perfect
  4. This is nothing short of a disaster. I’d argue that donis is the most important player especially vs Italy where counter attacks will be our key. With injured/out of form mitroglou and now injured donis our only option to gain a point is to button up defensively. The other issue now is either pelkas or baksetas will play. This is not looking good at all. We need to call up one of the u-21 wingers 100%
  5. Have any lineup reports come out?? Also are any other news outlets saying anything different about donis?
  6. Has there been a projected lineup come out yet?? Also, where is the news that donis is injured because that would be crippling
  7. Is manolas in the team for these games.. haven’t seen him in any of the videos or pictures the last few days
  8. Has there been any reports on an estimated attendance. Will be pretty embarrassing if we can’t get 40,000 at least show up for an Italy game.
  9. Here’s a huge question about the Italy game... who leads the forward line with no mitroglou.... koulouris hasnt shown anything for NT so far. I think Donis is the only option
  10. Will mitroglou be available for the Italy game. Koulouris has t proven he can play at NT level yet. Adding donis, mitroglou, manolas, sokratis, vlachodimos will be a massive difference
  11. I could see them line up like this with no mitroglou.. ...................vlachodimos .........Siovas...sokratis,....kourbelis bakakis......................................koutris ... ..........samaris.....fortounis....zeca ..................donis........koulouris/Masouras
  12. Donis should be the first name on the game sheet every game. Dangerous from anywhere. Masouras was wasteful with his chances but has some serious potential. Samaris and zeca played well especially samaris. Fortounis also had some very nice moments. Bakasetas and kolovos are both train wrecks.
  13. Anyone else find it weird that mitroglou wasn’t singing the national anthem and was standing 3 feet away from closest teammate. Already looked disinterested
  14. XI GRECIA ??: Vlachodimos; Bakakis, Siovas, Kourbelis, Koutris; Zeca, Fortounis, Samaris; Masouras, Mitroglou, Bakasetas. #EURO2020 really disappointed to see a garbage player like bakasetas start over donis who starts for his bundesliga club. Worst thing would be for him to play decent and then get the start vs Bosnia.
  15. I know the chances are slim to none, but if we beat Finland and Estonia, and Finland lose both games we would both be on 12 pts. If we had better goal difference then why wouldn’t we be 1st?
  16. Bakasetas is the worst player on the field followed closely by kourbelis and pelkas. Bring on fetfatzidis and lazaros
  17. Our attack looked lost without a real striker. Bakasetas is garbage and isn’t even a striker. Play Donis there.
  18. This coach needs to be fired ASAP. Tziolis???? We have the Greek league mvp on the F***in bench and our fastest attacker who will take on defenders on the bench and our best LB by far in England
  19. Bouchoulakis is F***in tragic. Horrid. Slow, and almost zero positive forward passes
  20. Pelkas has looked lost to me. Doesn’t keep his width, hasn’t taken on any defenders. Bring on Donis.. pelkas isn’t a winger
  21. Why would we play ACM as wingers! Pelkas and mantalos should be on the bench for donis and lazaros. Won’t have speed on wings now
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