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What Jersey it Is?

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Hello Olympiakos fans

I have a question about one Olympiakos jersey. From what season is the following jersey?


I searched the Internet and I didn't find any information. Can you help me? Is it Olympiakos football team jersey?

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I am a soccer jersey collector. Last time I obtained those jersey and I'm very interested it. I keep records of all my soccer jerseys therefore I do one best to find all information about jerseys which I have. Olympiacos had a plenty of suprisingly and unique jerseys, as similar as Turkish clubs, but in the Internet there aren't information about them, thus I try find information among supporters.


The Puma company replied me that this jersey wasn't sell in my country therefore they didn't have any information about jerseys. They ask me to write to Olympiacos football team, but they didn't reply me.

27 minutes ago, jvc said:

Are you a trickster?

Why I would be a trickster? Why would trickster be information about season, amount of matches, won trophies in this jersey etc.? I think I don't waste time. I want to find information and describe the jersey. It is importatnt for me.

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^^Very simple.   If you make people aware on the why....from my experience, it's easier to search for your answer.   All we have now is a photo of a jersey from who knows when.  From the photo we see 3 stars which indicates it's not from 2011 and onwards.  

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The facts are:

1. The jersey is connect with city bank, thus season 2009/10.

2. In season 2009/10 all clubs with Puma sponsor have jerseys with collar in big V. I have few club Puma jerseys from season 2009/10 and all have collar in big letter V. I found on youtube highlights from matches from season 2009/10. Olympiacos all home atches played in jerseys from photo in post 3.

3. The catalog number of Puma is 735784-01. It show me, that is minimum 2008 year, because I have for example Poland national tream jersey from Euro 2008 and its catalog number is 733995-01. The Olympiacos is after Poland.


4. Three stars means hat it is maximum 2012 year. Ok, we have boards from 2008 to 2012.

And now, a jersey from season 2008/09:



A jersey from 2009/10:



A jersey from 2010/11:



A jersey from 2011/12:



A jersey from 2012/13:



The next jersey from 2013/14 has three stars. So... what with my jersey?


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