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  1. Ellada2004

    NT Friendly Games

    Greece had a very tough draw getting Belgium it was almost as tough as drawing Germany or Spain. Had we drawn in with Romania, Wales, England I think we would have automatically qualified. Belgium I believe will get to the finals, Croatia are playing well but they were also steam rolling through the group stage at the euros and then crashed out in a poor performance vs Portugal.
  2. Ellada2004

    NT Friendly Games

    Tachtsidis play has fallen off from a few years back, the Euro qualifier vs Hungary where he smashed a rocket goal he was tremendous. The last year watching him he’s not the same even his mental approach to the game is off. The match in Belgium we were up 0-1 he was on a yellow card and then was not thinking and committed an unnecessary foul which led to him being dismissed. Then we were under pressure for final 25 minutes and it allowed Belgium to equalize. Greece could have come out of Brussels with a huge win and it may have changed our run of results after that and allowed us to be neck and neck with Belgium going into the rematch in Athens.
  3. Ellada2004

    NT Friendly Games

    We should be playing Serbia or Russia more often. Italy and France seem to have many friendly matches. EPO should not be scheduling matches with Iran or Saudis.
  4. Ellada2004

    NT Friendly Games

    Why do we never schedule friendlies with Italy? Or other neighbouring countries, the only one I remember is when we played Serbia a few years back.
  5. Ellada2004

    NT Friendly Games

    Most countries are playing two friendlies in this international window. The EPO schedules two friendlies in a year.
  6. Ellada2004

    NT Friendly Games

    Iranians apparently didn’t want to come play in Athens after Constantinople wasn’t an option. Why even schedule match with these crazy muslims..
  7. Ellada2004

    NT Friendly Games

    Skibbe got it all wrong vs Croatia after FIFA screwed us by suspending Manolas, he went with Maniatis at the back were he was completely out of position and was exposed by Perisic on one goal. He also started Tziolis again who is way to slow to match up with the Croatian midfield. Skibbe continues with Tziolis and makes him captain in the last friendly vs Saudis, why? Skibbe must go if he starts off Nations league with poor results and with the same player selections.
  8. Ellada2004

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Glad to see Fetfa get out of Saudil league. Hopefully he goes to back to Serie A or an other top flight European league, then maybe just maybe he will get a look from the Ethniki.
  9. Egypt did start most of there starting 11. In that game Sokratis, Manolas and Mitroglou did not feature.
  10. I wish that header would have gone in for him. He definitely should have been subbed in earlier.
  11. Fetfatzidis deserves a call up I don’t know why the EPO and our coaches don’t see that? He can be a game changer were we lack attacking flare. Take out one of Tziolis or Tachtsidis for Fetfatzidis vs saudis and we would see the difference it would have made. When it’s time to kickoff the Nations Cup Skibbe better get his selections right of the start, the Ethniki has to qualify for Euro 2020.
  12. You could see how much we need and depend on Sokratis and Manolas especially to calm things down at the back. The two CBs today looked totally lost and out of position on many occasions. Tziolis we know shouldn't be starting in any match as he can't move, and ruins most attacking situations. I can't believe how bad Tachsidis was today he couldn't make a simple 5 foot pass and when he tried to switch the ball his passes were way of the mark. I agree with you regarding Lazaros and Fortounis, I was expecting Lazaros to start in this game given his great form. I am getting worried about our prospects going into the Euro qualifiers.
  13. That’s right I said we need our best 11. I don’t mind seeing some new faces, but why did Skibbe start Tziolis and give him 70 minutes? The first goal Barkas should save. So frustrating to watch a team like saudis dominate us. Skibbe please get your act together or leave!