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  1. NT Friendly Games

    probably later on the year.
  2. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Ninis is done as a football player since 2013.
  3. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    potentially we could add 5-6 players.
  4. skibbe is a complete idiot and doesn't realize these game will affect our ranking and since both of them are world cup teams, we have a great chance to test our team against them. im not saying not making a restart and call up players like mpakakis, siovas, vlachodimos, charisis, petsos even fetfatzidis for fcking sake, but we won't go out there with our b team like it's an exhibition game. team needs to find cohesion.
  5. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    calgiari interested in lykogiannis.
  6. He does play. He's only out of form lately.
  7. Wait a minute--why Mitroglou is out? Also since the next official game is in September, Karelis will be fully recovered by then. In fact he will be back on practise even by February. Even talking about friendly games the nect one in the end of March.
  8. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    he wasnt anywhere close to spectacular in these games to draw any attention. he's just not ready yet, if he ever reaches this level.
  9. so it looks like karelis has some problems with his heart and might stay out for even 3 months..he's the only real replacement we got at the moment and the guy has been suffering from several health problems the past year..F***k man that sucks....
  10. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    swansea and west brom interested in siovas according to english media. would be a nice move but both are fighting with the relegation in england.
  11. nobody said he should be nt material but so aren't guys like diamantakos, vellios, tziolis, gianniotas, maniatis, koutroubis and kolovetsios who have been called up amongst others lately.
  12. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    No it doesn't say anything to me the fact that Lemonis choose to play with him in the backline in the CL because he wanted to have the team fresh for the league.
  13. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    Nikolaou? I honestly hope you're just kidding here. The guy is so raw and technically limited, he is not going to be a better player than Marios Oikonomou. And, to my humble opinion being praised by Wenger and playing for Arsenal is a much better career achievement than being a reserve player in Olympiakos or even a starter in Alkmaar..Ffs...
  14. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    apparently wenger said he's impressed by him in practise so they won't loan him out to werder, but will keep him until may at least.