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  1. When you lose to a country like Estonia, yes, YOU ARE BAD. I am so tired of the defeatist attitude of the Greek National Team. Only in Greece is the phenomenon present. It's pathetic! How is it that tiny nations like Croatia, Belgium, and even Serbia produce players that can score? Just for once I would like to see Hellas drive up the field and finish a play with a goal. Just once so I can jizz my f-ing pants. I seriously don't get it. I've seen the goals many of the team's players have scored when playing for their clubs even when matched up against much tougher competition than Estonia, yet it all disappears when they play for country. Today there were so many weak finishes, scoffed shots, balls barely rolling to the net....I wanted to pull the little remaining hair on my damn head right out! This team has burned me emotionally and physically. Like many have said, the team needs to be blown up with exception to 2-3 core players. Sadly, though, this won't happen.....
  2. Forgive my ignorance but the premise of the two results (in points) being deducted is because of the fact that Group I has 5 teams while the rest of the groups have 6. Upon checking, Group I has 6 teams. I really think it's as simple as the best 8 second-placed teams going through. We know what Greece needs to do for this to happen as well as hope for some favourable results elsewhere....
  3. This is something I will never understand either! You have European Slavic people who were FORCIBLY converted to Islam by the Ottoman Turks and today they praise and worship them as if they were their founding saviors! Are you kidding me? Get one thing straight my Bosnian friends. You bent over and gave in. You sold yourselves out and allowed your rulers to change you. We didn't. As such, we win. Forever. Period.
  4. For those in Canada, the game will be shown live on Sportsnet 360.

    Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    To be fair....It was raining like crazy the day they played Cyprus. Not weak rain, but torrential style rain with strong winds...
  6. I hate asking this, but does anyone have any reliable links?
  7. I don't see this as a problem. It actually shows that the coach has balls to bench a quality player to send him the message that this is a team game and whining wont be tolerated. This is seen in the NHL, NBA, and even the NFL. Top players have been benched if they cross the coach for a period, a half, or an entire game so the message is sent. I like Cholebas but, in all honesty, he does seem to be one of those whiny bitches who pouts and cries if he doesn't get his way. Team first. Period. Good for Skibbe.
  8. When you visit EPO's link for the game (which takes you to their youtube page), it does not allow for it to be viewed in Canada, and in the United States too, I believe.
  10. Some of the touches Greece is making are quite impressive!