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  1. I don't want to see lazaros at pao again. All he did in the time here was set up cisse for a goal against the gavroi. Rubbish player that had the opportunity to take the team on his shoulders but jumped ship instead.
  2. I didn't get the Adidas 2013-14 kit with the stripes I'm getting the ghetto puma kit!
  3. Gordon was on the bench for Dinamo Zagrebs euro game. Hard to believe he's free to go
  4. Worst thread on this entire forum. Gamiete o samaras. He was world class in the head and shoulders commercial. Hard to find a Greek player with that mali
  5. Lol jvc I'd rather play him as a number 10 with that killer thru ball ;)
  6. He had to do it in order to get enough time with his national team. I don't blame him one bit.
  7. Leto is such a game changer. Considering he was in the same shape as Essien when they both started with the team you instantanly see what Seba has to offer our team.
  8. Yes since they're in the cup final. Osfp going to champions league
  9. Green man you lucky guy!!
  10. Arsenen was invites before salpi?? WOW
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