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  1. indeed great work in the cl aek uefa suirs us better more of a chance to reach the cup final then cl freckin frutos that fruit :P
  2. i agree f$%?ing spaghetti ballon heads
  3. be proud u did a hell of ajob i aplaud u with all my heart aek sayapo
  4. im proud of my boys to come back from 2 down too little 2 late bravo paidia
  5. please God please u can do it aek
  6. one more baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on
  7. why cant we ever get a break they need 2 more not gonna happen
  8. i hope this is not the start of a run of alosing streak we got skoda this week and they have been on fire
  9. i guess dreams dont come true i still luv u aek gera
  10. better off in uefa we would get smashed in the round of 16
  11. did they get any good scoring chances?
  12. :( unbelivable atleast equalize the game lets go
  13. i knew it was to good to be true cant a greek club win a frecking away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i sh$t on milan also
  14. im nervous im very worried about this match got a bunch of guys injuired and from what ive read ander are not gonna lie down and spread em there gunnin for a uefa spot :unsure: :( dellas out emerson out lagos out ivic out ive lite my candles over my aek banner said my prayers kissed my religious icones and hope he answer and delivers cuz ander will be ready for us optimistic score 1-1 realistic score 2-0 for ander and hope milan finally bag a win how often do you say milan are desperate for a win :ph34r: do it aek for greece for greek football restor some pride in europe were others have failed you know who u are? pame aek fire it up :box: :gr: :box:
  15. undoubtbly im worried about wed game i hope milan show up against lille and dont just sit back and collect the tie cuz there already in forsein that aek dont make it in brussel i have faith that sone how aek will pull this one out if there a time to win an away game the time is know dreadfull away rcord for greek clubs you can do it aek i beleive :tup:
  16. i hope aek do it in brussel so u can eat all your words slick ella aek pame
  17. hope u take down shak on tue make the uefa get some points for greece u used to be unstoppable at home couple years back what wen wrong fix it on tue
  18. aek will put a stop to that.....the boiler maker is coming aek gera :nono: no no skoda
  19. pooooooooo pooooooooo pooooooooo what did i say 1-o did not get the stiker but hey aek are second were coming for u olympiacos big thanks 2 aris who have took the leads against all the three big teams in greece finally they hold on aek is mi religion SUPER 3 SUPER SUNDAY ULTRAS AEK GET READY ANDER
  20. bravo padia on to the business in hand its time to seperate the boys from the mens get focused get fired up the aek train is picking up steam forward and onward show no fear in brussel show the poise u had against milan and the will to win and u got this game please god please bless this special team
  21. easy 2 to zzzeeeeeeeerrrrrrroooooooo
  22. will the game be televised on ert ander aek?????????????????
  23. who freckinf cares this s a soccer frum not senenteen magazine nexttttttttttttt!
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