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  1. easy solomos psg has its head just above water just bearly both teams are evenlly matched,but when it comes down to it we all know the reputation of greek clubs away from our beloved country iffy at best Aek are a better team then psg ,but that dosent mean they will win. A totally healthy aek squad would rip st-germain apart boy GATE 21 ONLY AEK YIA THN ELLADA RE YAMOTO :gr:
  2. Have a very very bad feeling about thur game ,aek hasent been himself after the winter break and with our growing list of injuries and paris st-germain big win this week-end against monaco, to stay alive for the top flight in france. Its a making for a disaster game .Dont see were the scoring will come from for our boys, unless some one steps up and totally blows my mind.our young lads have to sep up too the next level and take the edge and the releaf of our veterans like lybe lakis ext............... Balanced scoring for aek is a problem, always the same guys. I see another soonzer of a game from our side at best 0-0 or if were lucky we will snatch a goal. And in paris we will eventually give some resistance till we finally lose 2-0 :( I hope im wrong for some one fanatical and physco about my beloved dikefalo,prove me wrong boys
  3. what the hell is wrong with aek away from oaka .A little rundown of past scores o-o with skoda,1-1 with ira, 0-1 loss with paok.o-o with ergotelis. and we bearly beat ionokos on penalties?! Is this a cause of concern my fellow aeksters? And i do take in to consideration that we have been hit hard with injuries. If you wanna be crowned king of the super league it is essential that you take maximum points away,it just tells me that aek still need alot more mental toughness before we can win tites ,to figure out ways to break down teams that always play back. Oly always finds ways to get the best results posible and pull games and win them at the death, and thats why they ruled greek soccer for so long. What do thinks guys right or wrong???????????
  4. 69 min goal disallowed offside garbage
  5. 70th s****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pame ella!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on i gotta go to work gimme a goal before i go!!
  6. 64th min still nadda come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wake up!!!!!!!!!!!! kolo paida!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Really getting agrevated right about know bunch of camels dosent help also when the other team play back that why we needed rhat game breaker type player too slw up front damn shame
  8. Whats wrong with aek away from home wtf if you wanna stay in the title race. This is how you respond after the boedello in oaka,its not just gttin home win you gotta get thosr tough away wins tha aek have struggled this year
  11. have a bad feeling scoreless draw in this one get over the oly game,and get it done
  12. bold lineup from serrer sputtering offence from aek not good <_< somebody step up come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 25 min nothing doing yet :( ella re aek full points
  14. WILL kafes be in the lineup? or not
  15. Whats the deal with pautaso and manduca. It seems to me that they havent been much of a factor for aek. It looks like thet are always injuired or a bunch of benchwarmers. Did these two guys come highly recomended as footballers to me they dont seem to be much in goal scorers. Besides a couples of pk kicks. Can anybody clue me in.I WANT PLAYERS OF IMPACT that can change the rythem of the game when they come in and not just blend into the pitch. Were does demi find these guys,no offense demi my boy but what the hell are you doing, since you took over the club i thank you for saving us,but were are the results that we demand player wise and our home ground. :gr:
  16. whats the deal with that pano that was put up by the original 21 hools is demi not doin all he can to improve his beloved aek by not inking key europeans transfers and we get kafes from are rivals is he pinching pennies for players and a stadium whats goin on can some shed some light on this topic and one last thought o n the game i dont care what anybody says aek should of won this game with oly playin mid week aek in their ground 12th man no gavros younger faster players big age difference with oly players playin with 10 men and did nothing lack of finishin bad defending on the 3th goal no creativity but put all that a side they were much better in the second half and through all what i said they were punked again il bite my tongue on the refs :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
  17. malak$s referee go f%?k yourself and kokalis money talks and bullsh$t walks aek got robbed once again
  18. why cant we beat this team what the hell man we couldent even produce our own goals and fogret the no call on the 2 penalty l by the ref we stank it up again younger player the hunger is not there oly are poised mature and killer instncts unbelivable i wanna break down my frecking house a team that played mid week they should of been easy for the picking and another thing disapointing from the crowd not beein over 50 we still need alot of work before we deserve a title total bs i f$%kin hate this s#$t till next year :tdown: agian and again and again
  19. news on the crowd tomorrow guys?
  20. why would a referee dictate the pace and the outcome of a game lets say that he is pro oly i beleive aek are relatevly thisting for this win let the player play let the game flow like it should and may the best club win i dont see how aek can mess this game up its our time its serre time to show what kind of a team he assembled and see if we can knock down the beast within that is olympiacos amnd i want an overwhelming victory :box: pame aek fire it up ANY UPDATE ON WHAT THE CROWD ATTENDANCE MIGHT BE? ANY THING UNDER 50 WILL BE DISSAPOINTING FOR MY TASTE WE NEED ALL AEK SUPPORTERS THERE THE MORE HOSTILE THE BETTER PLEASE ALL I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY IS A AEK WIN ARE YOU LSTENING GOD :(
  21. i hope :box: your right i nee to see a victotu here not a draw aek gera
  22. indeed oly are right for the picking and it has to be our time to take it to the man theyve been the king of the mountain for way to long and lets make o for 2 for cup and title for those dirty reds i think with our new edition to the club he will be pumped up to show that he still has it and im just hoping for a jam packed oaka a see of yellow and black to show our hospitality and so they know that they are walking in to our house break out the flags banners and the flares you hooligans and sign your hearts out :nw: aek fights for u :box: i think aek want to prove to them selves and to the rest of the league that we wont give up with out a fight 3-1 aek lymbe kampantais and kafes
  23. its that cutting edge that some of this player lack in the bosx that cool calm composure that ever if your a right footed stryker you couls still strike it with your left that nervousness in the box that top european player put the ball AWAY 9 OUT OF TEN TIMES you can have 30 shots on net but are they of quality thats why aek are in second place ans aek like always lag play second fittle to oly
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