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Possible merger with Fostiras


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Fostiras was a historic team, Kallithea have had a good stint in the A' Ethniki. Besides that, they represent two different communities (Kallithea and Tavros).

I, for one, am saddened by these developments and the inability of once-strong clubs to maintain themselves... :tdown:

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I have lived in Kallithea, haven't been there in 17 years. I'm sure many things have changed. Back then, ta "damaria" [later El Paso] attracted more fans, but things have changed. Even big teams play in empty stands..... [that's a big topic, we discussed in the PAO forum]

Anyway, Kallithea and Tavros are next to each other, so this may be a good fit. I assume that the new team will play in the Second Div.

Any name changes? Fostiras was once better known than Kallithea but it's K. that's been the more successful club in the last 10 years.

Sad to see either name disappear....

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