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Super Bowl Prediction 2006

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Seattle Seahawks
    • Pittsburgh Steelers

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I'm making my prediction w/ the the line...

At the moment the line is Seattle +3.5 That's just over a filed goal and that sounds about right. The bookies are expecting a tight game I guess, but Seattle can exploit the Steelers defense.....

It's going to be a tight game and I'll take the points w/ Seattle

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Congratulations to the Steelers.

That was one of the worse Super Bowls I have ever seen. Not to take anything away from Pittsburgh fans, but I still think the referees messed up big time. It should have been a much closer game.

One TD pass (7 points), and another pass to the 1 yard line (almost certainly another 7 points) taken away from Seattle on a bull sh.. call. Not to mention Rothlesberger scoring a TD on his "second effort" pushing the ball over the goal line after he was down.

I didn't really care who won, I just wanted to see an exciting, entertaining, and fair game. Without the help of the refs, the trophy could have gone either way.

But the Steelers did make some great plays when it counted, so I must congratulate them and the Bus with a spectacular ending to a great career.

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