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Guest gastone_1978

IT seems that this is the Clone of Coolstreaming. Their server is being updated at the moment so do not be disheartened if it doesn't work properly. I participated with success during their test period, and most of the channels were displayed allright on my wide computer screen.

Anouncement from their main Website:

Most recent news: 2005-6-22

We migrated the server, and according to fed back has made the revision to the system. The new edition will support the overseas user conveniently to visit. In this week the program can on once more the line. Thanks the attention

The software can be found at: http://www.deepor.org/sop/


Translated website: http://world.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl...or.org%2Fsop%2F

Sports Channels:

-CCTV5 (We've had enough of that already!!..lol)(Server:29020)

-Star Sports (Server:29020)

-STVXS7 (Server:29020)

-SportITALIA!!! (Server:29019)

-La7 (Server:29019)

Many many many sports Channels to come on there!!!

I trully believe that this is the most promising software of all the rest at the moment.

the reason? But because you can create your own stream taking a few straightforward steps. I tried this with a friend of mine in Greece and it worked PERFECTLY!!!!!

Spread the word. We all deserve to watch Greek channels On there. Everyone can do it.

Soon I will give Screen Shots in public on how to create your own channel P2P Stream with this exceptional fully promising software. If an Idiot like me figured it out, everyone can.

More Info soon to come

Also when I was testing the software the channels did not appear on my screen until 5-10 minutes later due to the server lag. Hopefully this delay will be soon resolved.


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If an Idiot like me figured it out, everyone can.

You are NO idiot my friend, that's for sure :tup:

Great info, for all to use.

I have been trying some of that stuff recently and have to agree with you.

The chance of streaming Greek channels live is making me drool...

Live CL games, NT games! WOW!!! :gr:

This program works well, for me, with minimal buffering



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Guest gastone_1978


1) Double click on the Icon which appears on your desktop after Installing the software. After a few seconds a list of the channels should appear like this.

Posted Image

2)Double click on the Channel you want to watch, and after a few seconds your default Player should start buffering the channel in order to establish Full connection. By default the SoP Client is connected to the server 29020

How to change Server

3) Just replace 29020 by 29019 and press OK as shown in the image below. Do not change anything else!!!. The go to the Channles Tab and press the Refresh button. If the new channels do not appear, restart the program (that's what I usually do).

Posted Image

4) Then a new List of Channels should appera, one of which is our missing Sportitalia as you can see:)

Posted Image

How to add a Channel of your Own

5) Select the MyServer Tab. Select a file or a stream type(mms) of Video that you want to reboadcast. As you can see in the icon below this guy tried to rebroadcast a video that he had saved in his hard disk name GRIFFINTV. In the same way someone could rebroadcast ERTSAT Or other Online channels from a standard IP Server, so that the IP Server doesn't reach its Capacity when everyone is trying to get connected to it. In other words it's better creating a P2P Network of the Online channel through the SoP Client rather than trying to reach the channel directly from its IP Address.

6) After Selecting the file type or MMS type of video Press PLAY in order to start uploading the video stream. If you want to see how the video is displayed to the other users' screen press RECORD

Posted Image

As you can see the Channel GRIFFIN Cartoons Appears in the Channels List at the Image under the number (4) Instruction.

Easy ain't it? :)

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Guest gastone_1978

Latest News

A new version of SoP Client v0.2 has been released.

It seems that the network is very stable as you can easily watch the channels without any interruptions.

Download the new version from here


Note sent to me by the SoP Developer:If you are using a firewall, you may need to open the tcp 3900-3920 input and outputaccess. Original SoP Client v0.1 used tcp 29000-29020 ports, we have changed them to 3900-3920.

Channels available at the moment:

-BBC World


-Star Sports



-V Channel (music)

-Phoenix (Chinese news)

Also as far as loading your own TV Program on SoP Client

The SoP Developer informed me the following:

And the 29019 self broadcast service is

still available.

You can use Set Config->URL Add:http://sop.deepor.org/sop/broker_noauth

to broadcast your own programmes in new version. And the old

sop://sop.deepor.org:29019 is also

available. But the new address is more portable.

Therefore whoever wants to load his own TV Program it's even easier than before as the server is fully functional and has been recently updated.

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Guest gastone_1978

I had the following e-mail reply from the SoP Client Developer:

We can help you to broadcast your TV. And if you need, we can send

you a dedicated server

program with more powerful control. If your programme is suitable for

broadcasting world widely,

we can also add it into our official programme list.

Best regards


Whoever has a friend in Greece or anywhere else in Europe who can rebroadcast greek TV Post message me. I can assist him in cooperation with this guy.

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Sop Client has released a new version 0.3.0. Download it here.

The software has an installation problem though. When you extract the zip file you have to do so in a folder with less than 60 characters total!

For example, your original SopCast/ path is C:\Program Files\p2p-network-tools\users\vespa\desktop\SopCast\, change your path to C:\Program Files\SopCast\, then you can run it.

This is a temporary method, they are working on a patch.

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Guest gastone_1978

Make sure you delete all previous Files before extracting the new SoPCast folder from the zipped file you downloaded. I copied it directly to my C: Drive and works fine.

Make sure that you also connect on the right Server

Official channels:http://sop.sopcast.org/sop/broker

World channels:http://sop.sopcast.org/sop/broker_world

Test channels:http://sop.sopcast.org/sop/broker_noauth

Also if you are behind a router you need to open the following Ports: 3900-3920

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You are still using a previews version that's why it shows 0.1.0 in the About tab.

Download the new one. Delete all files from any previews version (as gastone said) and extract the new zip file (that you downloaded) to your C: drive. Now you will be able to see all available channels.

Make sure you see version 0.3.0 in the About tab. All other versions will instal fine but they won't show any chanells! :tup:

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Piasame ton tauro ap' ta kerata kai ton rixame kato... Let's eat now!

Excellent effort and results guys! Very rewarding for all of us! Thanks for all the help you provided (and you will be providing in the future).

Lets cross into the new internet soccer era!

:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:

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We all watch the sop channels using Windows Media Player. HBO works fine for me as I am writing this message. It just takes a few minutes until sop tries to find the best possible connection for you.

You should always check the main channel page of the program of course and see the quality of the stream and the channel at any given moment you have a problem.

If the problem persists you may have to adjust your connection settings in your WMP software.

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Guest gastone_1978

Billydagreek, you are probably behind a firewall or a router (which has its own firewall).

For SOPCAST OPEN THE 29019 PORT for good and reliable feeds.

PS. I am not shouting at you, just announcing it to everyone who wants to use it. Therefore no 29019 port, no uploading from your side, no TV. That's the way it works. If you have questions as to how to open your ports pm me.

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