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Aigaleo v Olympiakos


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Pao fans hate all u want

u can't say we suck in europe

but we are two faced

great at home horrible away

but wut have u guys done lately

the suppose great european team

we try to use our great domestic run and u guys take a s%$#! on it but now that u guys aren't doing anything in europe the domestic record isn't so bad b/c Pao are the holders

u guys are hypocrits

look i ain't saying were going to win uefa b/c Olympiakos as a lot to prove

consistence is needed for starters, getting results away, and mental break downs

we need all these to be fixed if we are to make a run in uefa

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OK, we don't win away games, but things change and they will, we're too good this year. I don't really think you guys have no chance, just don't think it's gonna happen. And I wanna know, do YOU live in your own world, b/c I could sware I saw my Juve run over their division and put up the best record in the group stage. AC Milan? They trail Juve in Italy as well. Barcelona? They may be hot lately, but lack anything beyond Ronaldinho. Juve is deep in goal, on defense in the midfield, and most importantly on offense, with 3 amazing strikers, Del Piero, Trezeguet ( will be back before first match vs. Real), and Ibrahimovic, now THAT is depth

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listen it's really hard to predict this years winner in C.L.

alot of good teams out their

no real great team

u can make a case for juve, milan, barcelona, chelsea, and munich probably the favorities their

Man u won't win it

Arsenal is going to choke

inter is just a weird and tough team to speculate on

i mean they looked so good in c.l. but struggling in serie A (they haven't lost a game)

will just see i guess

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