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New TV Contract


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Thats for the Protathlima only.

EPO sells the kypello rights as a whole.

As for europe....CL is on whatever channel has a deal with UEFA....(this year its Mega and NET). UEFA cup matches are usually sold on a per game basis. But Suipersport will probably get the first shot at those considering the relationship with the team.

Yes, 2M Euro does not seem like a great deal.....but Netmed also agreed to wipe out what AEK owed them....I beleive that after Art 44 the amount was around 3M Euro...and also the 15% of the AEK stock that was owned by Netmed is being transferred to Demi. So overall I think it was a good deal.

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The best way for you to watch AEK as well as all the other Greek soccer games is to get a subscription to the NOVA platform, using a billing address in Greece. That way you will get all the Greek channels, including Supersport 1,2 & 3, which carry AEK games.

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