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AEK - Kalithea at OAKA ... Live


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In 95-96 you guys had a great run in Europe....but as for the protathlima.....we lost it more than you winning it. That was the year we scored 96 goals while PAO was scraping by Eddesaikos and Lebadeiakos with last minute winners. If it wasn't for our coach signing with another team halfway through the season....gamiseta , Don't get me started on that 96 team.....probably the best team not to win a title along with PAOK of 73.

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The season MK21 is speaking about was 1995-96 season.

1995-96 season

That was really decided in a midwekk game between PAO and Aek at the OAKA in heavy rain which we won 1-0 with Borelli's diving header.

We may have had sevreal wins but we deserved the title since we had a parrallel run in Europe going to the semi's. We played 13 games in Europe that season (I count the won against Dynamo Kiev as well). That was a great PAO team too, not taking anything away from us. We had mid week games all the time and could not affored to play as fancy as AEK. We had to save energy.

In the previous 1994-1995 season it was when we wiped the floor with all opposition having something like a 17 point lead at the end of the 1st round.


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