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Let's meet in Athens


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As per request from The2ndMouse few weeks ago, I am opening this thread in hope that we can organize a meeting of Phantis (and ex-Phantis members - everyone is welcomed) members before and during the Olympic games.

It is assumed that some members will be in Athens in attending the games, and it would be nice to have a chance to meet fellow members.

Lets use this thread to organize something.

I take it upon myself to appoint The2nd Mouse as the coordinator of the whole thing, since he knows the Athens area well.

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Here are my travel plans.

I am leaving Chicago on July 23, and will arrive in Athens on July 24.

Here are my tentative plans during my stay in Greece:

July 24: Athens (Byronas)

July 25 - 27: Tinos

July 28: Athens (Byronas)

July 29 - 30: Nafpaktos region (Lidoriki, Pentagiou)

July 31: Thessaloniki

August 1 - 10: Pefkoxori, Xalkidiki

August 11 - 13: Thessaloniki (attend Olympic soccer opener at Kaftanzoglio on August 11)

August 13 - 16: Ziaka, Grevena

August 17 - 21: Athens (Byronas) (attend Olympics events)

August 22: Leave Athens for Chicago

OK Mouseman, use the above as a guide to arrange at least one meeting.

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I leave Brussels with a friend monday 16/08/2004 at 01.40 and arrive at 05.55

and leave Athens thursday 19/08/2004 at 06.40 am

to watch 16-17-18 august some tennis sessions and maybe cycling and soccer

when I'm going to watch depends on the program of the Belgians so it's difficult to say now

are there others of you also going to the tennis courts?

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Guys, this sounds like a good idea. Even though I don't post all that much I do come these boards nearly every day to read whats is being said. I'll be in Athens from early August until early September to catch some of the baskeball and track events. I'll keep my eye on this thread for meeting times and places.

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Hey mouseman arrange something on the 17th... Me and Ziaka both have tickets for the event on that day at OAKA...

I don't have any tickets for the 17th (not yet anyway). So far the only confirmed tickets for the games in Athens I have is 21st of August at Markopoulou Equastrian in the morning and athleticks at OAKA in the evening.
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I thought you had tickets for the womens 100 mtrs final and womens discus final... Or is it the 21st instead of the 17th? :huh:

I might have mixed the dates.... :huh:

womens 100 mtrs final? Kim Gevaert :nw:

I haven't got tickets either

depends on when the belgians are playing

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pappou, those events are on the 21st. What section of the stadium are you tickets in at OAKA? Mine are section 112.

Also, I see Thanou stealling the show, now with the possibility of Jones getting kicked out for doping. And of course we will have medals in the womens discus throw.

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I have all the data in a Matrix and already we have some match dates.

I beleive that maybe Thessaloniki may have some chances for a Meeting too, but for now we can start with Athens. But do send dates of you visits to other cities.



16th of August - Zeekoei, len, Elastonpappou (and probably Me)

17th of August - Ziaka, Zeekoei, len, Elastonpappou (and probably Me)

18th of August - Ziaka, Zeekoei, len, Elastonpappou (and probably Me)

19th of August - Ziaka, len, Elastonpappou (and probably Me)

20th of August - Ziaka, len, Elastonpappou (and probably Me)

21st of August - Ziaka, len, Elastonpappou (and probably Me)

Negotiations for meeting places are better to be left to participants through an aranges MSN meeting or something relevant.

Whoever has sent info on his dates can ask for the most recent and updated matrix and I will send it by email.

Keep the info coming in and let me know about any info that needs to stay off the board for any reasons so that info can be fed back only to the people you are about to meet... use PM's if you prefer.

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Ok Mr. Prime Minister, let us know of your tight schedule so that we can send a report to the Attica police to clear off the roads from E. Venizelos to OAKA so that you can come fast and with no traffic!!!! Also I will inform the producers of the 2004 Games so that they prepare an 'AGIMA' outside the Kalatrava roof so that we can welcome you accordingly and make you feel at home..... :P

OYST NOYMERO!!!! :box:

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Ok this is my new updated Olympic Schedule....

Popps will be in the following sports:

Sunday 15/08/04, Hellinikon Complex, Basketball 20:00-0:00

Thursday 12/08/04, Tennis Ground, Tennis Quarterfinals, 17:00-23:00

Saturday 21/08/04, Olympic Stadium, Athletics, 17:00-0:00

Sunday 22/08/04, Olympic Velodrome, Cycling Track, 09:00-10:45

Mouse organise meetings... Few members of the forum will be attending the Athletics and Basketball on the dates above....

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