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Iraklis - AEK LIVE.....


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disappointing to draw 2-2 after leading twice against 10 men!!

a draw is usually a decent result in thessaloniki, but this season is different.....a draw is a bad result for us under the circumstances. when we are presented with opportunities like these, we need to take them particularly when the GAY-roi slip up.

i'm pretty disappointed to be honest.

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Firstly lets remember a couple of things, What happens Wednesday and what happens Sat are not related. They are two differnet competitions.....INDEPENDANT.

Im extremely angry at the result considering the game was in our hands not once but twice when they had ten men. How you cant close out a game like that worries me. Ftousan is flawing more often that what most would have hoped for.

Poor result.

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5 min. 1 : 0 for the best team of the Greek Championship of the last 8 months........ Scorer Georgatos.........

Are you sure about that comment after the end of the game????

Anyway try your best against Corunia cause its a disgusting team!!! :box: :box:

P.S. It is a bit chilly at the top............ :P :P :P :D :tup:

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