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PAE PAOK General News (2024-2025)


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Goncharova has been named our new CEO. I believe she's been chairman of the board since basically the day Savvidis took over, so she's probably a good choice there. No big surprise here.


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Today was the deadline for candidates to declare their intentions of running for EPO president in the upcoming EPO elections. Only one candidate has officially declared that he is running for the office. It is none other than PAE PAOK Vice President Chrysostomos Gagatsis. Unless some some big coup takes place, Gagatsis will take over as the president of EPO . As a result of this he has stepped down from his position at PAE PAOK.

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Was taking a look at this article just now, about TV rights. Still pathetic that we earn so much less than the Athenian clubs. But for me, the big takeaway is that the value proposition for getting that overseas Novasports subscription is...well, basically nonexistent.




Όσο για τη σεζόν 2024-05; Η Cosmote TV θα μεταδίδει τους εντός έδρας αγώνες των Ολυμπιακού, ΑΕΚ, Παναθηναϊκού, Βόλου, Λαμίας, Παναιτωλικού, ΟΦΗ και έκλεισε και τη νεοπροβιβασθείσα Καλλιθέα και η NOVA θα μεταδώσει τους εντός έδρας αγώνες των ΠΑΟΚ, Άρη, Αστέρα Τρίπολης, Πανσερραϊκού, Ατρόμητου και Λεβαδειακού που επέστρεψε στη Super League.

So you're guaranteed to miss half of our derbies, I guess? I also think the Cup isn't included either, right?

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