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Just noticed that on a page that @Dutch Eagle is working on, you mention: "He has been capped four times for the Ethniki sofar, scoring one goal in his second game, a friendly against Cyprus. "

I think that since the article does not have any date references this information is a little confusing. The terms "sofar" doesn't help the reader understand the time referenced, since he doesn't know when that page was created  or edited.

I changed "Capped four times ...so far" to read: "As of February 2021, he has been capped four times for the Ethniki,"

If possible, I think we should reference time in a way that would allow for the article to appear accurate even after a few months or years. Otherwise, we'll have to remember to keep changing those references as information changes. That's OK for 1-5 articles, but when you have a bunch of 'em, it's a little difficult to keep up to date.

If you can think of a better way to reference this type of information, please, by all means go ahead.


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