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John Michael (Yannis Michail) and German based Veniamin Symeonidis managed to progress to the European Q(ualifying) Schools final stage. 

In order to get a Tourcard for 2021 the Greeks must win one of the 4 days. To win a day you need 7 straight wins as there are 128 contenders. The four winners of each day get a card. 8 other players get a card based on the Order of Merit. The rules for that Order is simple: every win in the four days earns you a point. The eight players that have the most points without winning a single day qualify. Therefore reaching the quarterfinals on two days must be sufficient to get that card.

In the UK there is a similar tournament. And also 12 cards to win. 

If you are interested the website of the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) is pdc.tv

Information about the Greeks:

Veniamin Symeonidis

John Michael  


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Day 3.

Can’t find Symeonidis on the scoreboard. Could be a withdrawl.

John Michael had a very good day as he reached the semifinal. He was beaten by the winner of the day.

Tomorrow is the last day. A win is enough. And otherwise a quarterfinal might be enough too, but that is depending of the results of the other players too. Fingers crossed.

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What a good day for Greek sports! After Tsitsipas conquered over Nadal, now Michael reached the last 32 and received a tourcard. Bravo, Yanni!


Symeonidis was again nnot mentioned at all. Amber alert for him?


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John Michael played at the UK Open and was eliminated in the first round by Scott Taylor of England.

Michael lost 6-4 in legs. This tournament is played just in legs and not in games with legs like the worldchampionship. The average of Michael was 86.79 (3 darts).

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John Michael and Veniamin Symeonidis represented Greece in the PDC World Cup of Darts.

This is not an individual tournament but countries playing each other. Still with the same format. Starting with 501 and ending with a double. First player A of country X throws three darts, then player A of country Y, then player B of country X, then player B of country Y, then again player A of country X etc. till there is a finish with a double.

Greece lost 5-2 to Belgium. 😔

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