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EL-GS-R5: Omonoia-PAOK(3 December 2020, GSP, Lefkosia)

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A thread in which our name is spelled right! Also, the PAOK people all ignore me anyway. Best chance to get a win in this competition!

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40 Fabiano(GK)

31 Kousoulos(Captain)

15 Hubocan

22 Lang

6 Luftner

5 Kiko

75 Loizou

21 Tzionis

8 Gomes

80 Kakoullis

7 Sene




1 Panagi(GK)

98 Kyriakidis(GK)

4 Shehu

13 Papoulis

16 Gomez

17 Lecjaks

18 Duris

30 Panayiotou

70 Thiago

88 Asante


Manager: Henning Berg(NOR)

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88 Zivkovic(GK)

2 Soares

15 Crespo(Captain)

5 Varela

18 Wague

7 El Kaddouri

51 Tsiggaras

22 Schwab

11 Tzolis

9 Swiderski

14 Zivkovic




31 Paschalakis(GK)

4 Ingason

10 Murg

19 Lyratzis

21 Biseswar

23 Giannoulis

24 Esiti

25 Colak

29 Vrakas

32 Ninua

49 Michailidis

70 Koutsias


Manager: Pablo Garcia(URU)

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The goal was Sene with a shot, Zivkovic made the save, but Kakoullis was there to put the rebound home

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Gomez IN

Kousoulos OUT


Kousoulos was the Captain, and Gomez is the Captain, so that's easy

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