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AEK Larnaca-Levski Sofia(25 July 2019, Giorgos Karapatakis AEK Arena, Larnaca)

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25 Ramirez(GK)

4 Truyols

5 Mojsov

8 Acoran

10 Trickovski(Captain)

13 Hevel

18 Gonzalez

22 Sastre

27 Raul

41 Cases

99 Giannou




1 Christodoulou(GK)

2 Thandi

3 Antoniadis

7 Spoljaric

11 Tete

12 Assoubre

23 Taulemesse


Manager: Imanol Idiakez(ESP)

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1 Mijatovic(GK)

4 Goranov

7 Paulinho

8 Mariani

9 Alar

19 Kargas

20 Milanov(Captain)

22 Reis

23 Thiam

70 Rainov

99 Ivanov




13 Mihaylov(GK)

10 Mazurek

11 Dimitrov

18 Mohammed

29 Kostov

39 Ivanov

77 Yurukov


Manager: Petar Hubchev(BUL)

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AEK corner, it goes all the way out to Cases, service, tipped by Giannou and IN!!!!!!!!!!

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Hevel from distance, HE SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice shot, but Mijatovic should have had it

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