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Auxerre has been eliminited in the French Cup


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dont take this result too seriously, they certainly wont roll over against us

plus, any team with the like of djibril cisse, philippe mexes,kalou and boumsong among their ranks is no pushover

thisl make em even more motivated against us ,to avenge this embarrassing defeat , so dont expect an easy ride buddies

it definitely wont be for the fainthearted ;)

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this result means nothing, the beginning of the year 2004 for Auxerre is exceptionnal. For me they are the most dangerous team for Monaco to be champion.

Just a remark Auxerre wasn't vice champion they finish at the 4th or 5 places.

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ekei na deis zileia and anti-pao comments edw mesa ....

i mean the poor pornes of europe are just getting over there jealousy of the fact that we went so far in 96 and almost won it :angry:

imagine what theyll say now with there complex if we get through to auxerre

:lol: :lol:

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