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How to Attend A PAS Giannina Friendly Game


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I will be visiting Metsovo and Ioannina between August 4th and 8th with family and was hoping to attend a PAS GIannina friendly game hosted on August 7th. I have no idea how to go about acquiring a ticket, or if that is even necessary. Or, perhaps someone knows if that game is not allowing attendees? Any information will be much appreciated. 

Anything about how to acquire friendly tickets in Greece online in general would be greatly appreciated. I will be traveling in Thessaloniki and Athens as well, so there may be options there. I'm really hoping to get to a football game. 

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Normally you go an hour before the kick-off to the stadium and you buy a ticket. Just make sure you got your passport or tautotita if you are a Greek citizin to get in as they are obliged to registratie you (but maybe not for friendlies).

The site has no other information than this: https://pasgiannina.gr/agones/στο-πεακι-ανατολής-το-πασ-γιαννινα-παν/

That is a game on August 4th, but it is not in the stadium of PAS, but in Anatoli.

Hope you can enjoy a game. 

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