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Iraklis vs AEK


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We need a win before the derby next week. We struggle to get goals in away games and Iraklis is a really bad team, so we need to come out with an attacking lineup. I'd go with: 


Galo Vranjes Labropoulos Didac

         Adjarevic Galanopoulos 

    Lazaros Mantalos Vargas


I would rest Simoes and Johanson for the Olympiakos game, we've been playing two games a week for a month now so everyone can use some rest and we finally have some depth for them. I would also consider resting Mantalos and Araujo for Bakasetas and Pekhart, but both might be overkill. 

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Win for PAO yesterday puts more pressure on us to win this. Still early but maybe they're starting to gel too?

Normally I'm a bit worried when we head up north to play Ira but they don't look like much of a threat this year. We should take this one. 

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Yellow for Vargas for a late challenge. Things are getting heated.

HT 1-1

We have been pretty poor, a lot of the ball but not doing anything with it.

Lazaros had a chance to go 1-on-1 on at the end but was cleared nicely last second.

Pekhart has not touched the ball I dont think, lack of service.

Other than the Didac chance and our goal nothing else has happened on our end. Iraklis had a chance with a header and there goal.

Lacking a creative spark. Mandalos needs to be that player but he has been poor.

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Nearly an OG with Vranjes heading back to Barkas but not knowing Barkas was on his way out ball was rolling in only to be saved by Bakakis, comical stuff.

Araujo coming on for Vargas.

We will play


.............. ...Pekhart


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2-1 Iraklis another mistake by Anestis....I mean Barkas taking too much time with the ball gets shouldered off it, loses it and is put into an open goal by Monterio.


Ajdarevic coming on for Johansson


GOL 2-2 Lazaros with the rebound.


2nd Yellow/RED for Bakakis for diving.


FT 2-2

Terrible performance, Barkas to blame for the 2 goals IMO. Poor performance all around from everybody, Lazaros only one that was decent imo. We played the whole game like we were 5-0 ahead.

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Iraklis isnt the same team he was at first round.
out of 14 points iraklis has, half of them , aka 7 , have been obtained in the last 6 matches, 4 draws 1 win 1 defeat (from olympiakos).
 lots of changes in the climate and the roster of iraklis occured during january in order to save the club, and they did pretty well.
im pretty sure if we checked the 2nd round standings, Iraklis would be in the top 10.

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