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Best defense:

Gavro- 3 goals against

PAO- 2 goal against


Kaltsa vs. Fortouni (assists and goals)

Fortouni- 6

Kaltsa- 1



JVC... dude why don't you just pay up now....  I mean even if Kaltsa has a good YEAR... he MIGHT get 6 goals.. 3 assists?    Fortouni will have those numbers by December


Accor has a slight lead in the defense department but gavro has faced better competition

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Well lets see


PAO has faced

Panaitolikos, Kalloni, Panionios, Levadiakos, Platania


Gavro has faced

Panionio, Levadiakos, Platania, Xanthi, PAS



Taking the same teams out...


Xanthi and PAS are MUCH better teams than Panaitolikos and Kalloni


Not to mention, they beat Levadiako away which always becomes an issue for us 

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Panaitolikos has played lesser competition than Xanthi which is why they have more points


Xanthi has a much deeper and better roster than Panitolikos



In regards to away games, we always have a difficult time with Veria, Levadiako and PAS.... pretty much every away game is a DERBY for us


The gavro (from winning the title all these years) has developed an aura that allows them to beat these teams easier (and its not all due to the paranga)


Like it or not... paraga or not.. the gavro this year looks really good

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Next time you say....'the aura' kai m*****es kai kardies of the champion if will be moved to propagada

Ksipna, life is not just a " go by the book"

"It's not all due to paranga". Seems like admit their axis trance but you have accept it and it's ok! "Like it or not" we have to overcome those obstacles and win regardless if those satellite clubs spread their pages like butter against them and play the the game of their lives against us.

g*****ike to mualo

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