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Dish Network moves Greek channels

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Dish Network has moved the Greek TV & radio channels from the 600's & 900's to the 9000's.

Here is the new lineup:

ANT1 ch. 9829

ERT ch. 9830

ALPHA ch. 9831

ANT1 PRIME ch. 9832

ANT1 RADIO ch. 9833

ERA-5 ch. 9834

ERA SPORT ch. 9835

NET 105.8 ch. 9836



I guess this was the only location they can group all the channels together. In the mean time, the old locations are still operating.

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They have also been removed from 61.5, according to the channel lineup on the following site which tracks uplink info: Dish Channel lineup

I have noticed they are moving a lot of the internationals to the 9000 range, what's the deal with that?! Dish needs to do a serious channel re-alignment, the international channels are all over the place instead of being grouped together by ethnic group.

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