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Alpha does away with live morning programming

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The new TV season is underway in Greece and Alpha has decided that it could no longer compete in the morning with "Pano stin Ora" coming in dead last in the ratings amongst the other am information shows and "Kafes me tin Eleni" always in 3rd place behind Mega & ANT1. "Kafes me tin Eleni" is now simply "Eleni" and airs at 1pm (Greek time) & "Deste Tous" at 4pm. "Pano stin Ora" has been canceled. As for"Kous Kous to Mesimeri", its future is uncertain.

On Alpha Sat in the US

"Eleni" airs live at 6am ET and repeats at 1250pm ET.

"Deste Tous" airs live at 9am ET and repeats at 3pm ET.

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Caught a glimpse of "Eleni" today and as I was watching her going to talk to 1 of her cameramen, you could see in a darkened background that the set of "Kous Kous to Mesimeri" still exists. I wonder if Kontomina still has plans for it now that he is about to assume 100% ownership. Just FYI.

PS: Why did he sell 70% to RTL to begin w/ & buy it back after 3 yrs?

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