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SuperLig 2009-10 Season

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Istanbul B.B. - Besiktas 1-1

Gaziantep - Galatasaray 2-3

Denizlispor - Fenerbahce 0-2

Sivasspor - Trabzonspor 1-2

Bursaspor - Kasimpasa 2-1

''Turkcell Superlig Started''

These are the the important matches of the first week...

This year My favourite is Galatasaray which seem the flash team on transfer specially after transfers of;

Leo Franco---------A.Madrid

A.Kader Keita------O.Lyon


And most important one ''Frank Rijkaart'' as new coach and they lost only problematic ''Cassio Linkoln''

Fenerbahce transfered 2 Brazilian star candidates from Corintias;

Cristian and Dos Santos also Guiza started to the season with goals,,,

Fener will be much more better with their new coach ''Cristoph Daum''

Besiktas started with their new deffance Ferrari from Genoa, Turkish forward Nihat Kahveci from Villareal and German Fink...

I think Besiktas lost power this season, Bobo's mind still on Transfer, Delgado will be out of team for long due to his injury and i think transfers were avarage for Besiktas...

Tranzon didn't change anything will play for first 4 , Sivas lost power after they sold Bilica to Fenerbahce, Herve Tum to Istanbul.B.B, and Balili to Antalyaspor.

My guess Bursaspor will be flash team of the season instead of Sivasspor last year. We ll watch Bursaspor this year.

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I should have done this earlier but it could still be valid anyway...

My Predictions for the 2009-10 Season...

Title Winners: Galatasaray % 55 - Fenerbahce % 45

Galatasaray easily has the best team but whether there will be the patience to let the team gel is the biggest question mark. Fenerbahce has Daum as their manager and just that move makes them a title contender, because even if he's not a very good manager when it comes to Europlay, he knows deep into the League and is the biggest chance for Fener to get the title back.

Topscorer: Güiza % 40 - Sercan Yıldırım % 30 - Nihat % 20 - Milan Baros % 10

With Fener's new system, the Spanish striker seems to get much more chances then last year. Bursa's Sercan, considering he stays at Bursaspor, could well prove to be a player forcing the 20 goals barrier. Nihat will have a burst of form in the second half of the season if he can stay free of injuries and Baros will be there or thereabouts with at least 13-15 goals come the end of the season.

Surprise Package of the Season: Bursaspor

If they can keep their stars and resist the temptation to sell them to Istanbul clubs, they could pull a Sivasspor this year and mount a serious title challenge. The team's attack looks very promising with the likes of Sercan Yıldırım and Shin-Rok up front with Ivan Ergic, Pablo Batalla and Volkan Şen supporting them.

Possible Dissapointment of the Season: Sivasspor, Kayserispor

I think we'll see Sivas down at 7th or 8th at the very best chance. I could also say the same for Kayseri, too. I'm expecting the fanless IBB, Genclerbirligi or Gaziantepspor to replace them in top 10 while, as I said, I wouldn't be surprised if Bursa makes the top three.

Relegation Candidates: Diyarbakırspor, Denizlispor, Ankaragucu (even if they landed Vassell)

The teams in bold are definitely down in my book. I wouldn't be surprised if Manisaspor or Kasimpaşa replaced Ankaragucu in that list, though.

Finally, I say;

1. Galatasaray

2. Fenerbahce

3. Beşiktaş

4. Bursaspor

5. Trabzonspor

6. Gaziantepspor

7. Kayserispor

8. Genclerbirligi

9. Sivasspor

10. IBB

11. Eskişehirspor

12. Ankaraspor

13. Antalyaspor

14. Kasimpaşa

15. Manisaspor

16. Ankaragucu

17. Denizlispor

18. Diyarbakırspor


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Gucu will not go down! they'll be a suprise package! :tup:

I think Galatasaray will be taking the title also. Good team this year, good manager and good signings.

Sivaspor already seems very weak this season. They got pounded in Belgium, and lost to Trabzon already....I'd guess were not going to see them compete for the title this year.

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Last week Diyarbakir won to Trabzon away,

Bursa lost to Eskisehir away,

I think its early to guess for Diyarbakir,

For Eskisehir i have good feelings they have very effective forward line with Mehmet Yılmaz, Umit Karan and especially Suleyman Youla

Bursa is good team still i beleive they will be in first 5 also i feel Eskisehir will make suprises to Istanbul teams and to finish in first 5 is not suprise...

Ankaragucu' next seen dark even they transfer Vassel, they were not good on the matches before League starting, Denizlispor giving SOS, Kasimpasa again like an elevator team.

I thik league could finish;

1- Galatasaray

2- Fenerbahce

3- Besiktas

4- Bursaspor

5- Trabzonspor or Eskisehir




Ankaragucu and Diyarbakir could be at the lasts too, Sivas could enter to first 5. They are not terrible just weaker then last season.

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having watched Manisaspor v Ankaragucu game live, I think Manisaspor could make the top 10 this year. they have avery balanced team and still played better than Ankaragucu when they were down to 10 men... Dixion, Isaac and Ferhat Cokmus particularly drive the team forward...

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having watched Manisaspor v Ankaragucu game live, I think Manisaspor could make the top 10 this year. they have avery balanced team and still played better than Ankaragucu when they were down to 10 men... Dixion, Isaac and Ferhat Cokmus particularly drive the team forward...

For Manisaspor i'm not sure too but i can't put another team there.I just saw the goals of the matches so you could be right GS, maybe Diyarbakir closer to there.
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and about Ankaragucu, no disrespect to drakos here, but I think they will be relegated. They have been saving their asses in the last few years thanks to Hikmet Karaman, who they appoint when they are 17th with 8 games to go and Karaman does the trick and keeps them in the league. But this year, probably on the back of signings like Cihan Haspolatlı, Darius Vassell and the tricky South African wingers who I'm sure they'll release ten weeks into the season, they convinced Karaman to stay with the team. They got a lucky draw against Manisa at home as Vassell scored a fantastic goal from a desperately tight angle but I think their future is cloudy.

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  • 2 months later...

This Sunday the Big Derby will be played in Fenerbahce-Kadikoy between Fenerbahce&Galatasaray before the last match Fenerbahce won to Steau away and Galatasaray is wining 4-1 to Dinamo Bukres (68') away. But both teams has problems Galatasaray has an obvious Deffance problem they score easly but they can't make deffance and also they give the goal easly. Fenerbahce plays over Alex De Souza if the Brazilian is not good they can't do anything, but both teams spend their money to good footballers and both made good teams this year, anyway they are the 2 biggest candidates of the championship the rice will be between them this year. Also Galatasaray supposed to big sucsess in Europe League.

Galatasaray is one step closer to win even if they play away, Reijkaard' team play very offansive and positive football, probably they will attack to Fenerbahce from the first second with it's 4 skilled footbalers (Baros(Nonda)-Arda(Elano)-Kewell-Keita) the important thing if they will manage to help to back too. Normally i always speak negative for Galatasaray when they played in Kadikoy but this year i give more chance to Galatasaray to win ...

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Fenerbahce 3-1 Galatasaray

Alex De Souza (2),Guiza

Hakan Balta

Galatasaray played bullshit, Fenerbahce played pationetly and deserved the match...

I ll not show Galatasaray as favourite anymore, even Messi, Ibrahimovic and Christian Ronaldo plays in GS...

What i can say Elano is a big dissapointment for me i was waiting to say this untill now considering his carieer but his footbal is a full scrap...

Baros was out at the 4th min because of injury,,,

Keita was out in 70' because of red card,,,

Kewel waitied at the out of game untill 60' (this was what i found wrong Reijkaard ),,,

Leo Franco had mistake at the second goal also at the full game,,,

Shortly Fenerbahce started with very agressive, and dominated the game also deserved the score...

The Fenerbahce fans was throwing things to the footballers during the game also they put laser light to Francos eyes during the match,,,

Refree gave a wrong penalty to Fenerbahce at the second goal also alowed to Fenerbahce to play very hard,,,At the red card of Keita he didnt see the provocation of Roberto Carlos who deserved Red Card too IMO,,,

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What are the standings so far?

Galatasaray can't win in Kadikoy (Fenerbahce) for 10 years,,,

On the other hand Fenerbahce mostly don't loose in Ali Sami Yen for last 10 years... Think that one of my friend who is a fanatic GS fan didn't come to match even Galatasaray has better team he beleives they ll loose...

I hope i got the question right,,,

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Yeah thanks, it's good to get a little more insight into this. I was thinking more of the league table (which team is in which position).

Ohh i got it now;




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Ah thanks! :) So GS is still in the race...

How's Besiktas doing?

Galatasaray plays the best football in the league this year however something happens at the Fenerbahce matches to them.Even at the year they won UEFA and Super Cup in 2000 and the other year when they played quarter final in CL, again they lost the 2 matches to Fenerbahce (even Fenerbahce has a bed era).

Meanwhile Besiktas has serious problems at the forward line, they can't score goal and the are 5th with 18 points. Actually it's very early to talk to be out of rice considering the league table but Besiktas made a terrible start to the league. They started to be recovered with draw in Germany in Wolsburg last week and kept their first point.But they win in the league with bad football and with the scores such as 1-0, 2-1 Only Shabani Nonda or Milan Baros of Galatasaray scored more goal then Besiktas:)

Bursaspor is very cute team this year and they could be in first 3 who knows maybe champion, they won 6-0 at the last match to Istanbul B.B which is cute team too...

The daily league table seen below;


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Bursaspor is obviously coming very strong, which is something i expected since the beginning of the season. They have some of the best young talents in Turkish football like Sercan Yıldırım, Volkan Şen, Ozan and Turgay Bahadır. They have a quality midfield in Huseyin as DM, Ivan Batalla and Ivan Ergic as playmakers. They have a good goalkeeper combination in Ivankov and Yavuz both of whom can play in the place of each other. They also have the experienced feet in Ali Tandoğan, Omer Erdoğan and Tomas Zapotocny who has been a revelation since he joined from Beşiktaş. Winning the title? I don't think so. But a third place finish may be very likely.
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  • 4 weeks later...

Bursaspor 1-0 Galatasaray

Bursaspor is coming with a sure performance, they are not like last year's Sivasspor. They play good football, they show team game and its sure the worst they will finish this year as 4th. This night they deserved a win aganist to Galatasaray...

An other flash team is Besiktas recently. The black eagles playing good football last 2 weeks. Last weak they beated Fenerbahce 3-0 and this week they turn with a win from Old Trafford aganist to Manchester United. if they win this week at the league they will be 2nd at the league table. When Delgado and Holosko recovered team will be better and able to join to the champhionship race with Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Bursaspor.

The dissapointment for last weeks is sure Galatasaray... Their football decreasing.

This is the table of the league;


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  • 2 weeks later...

Beşiktaş 0 : 0 Diyarbakırspor

Eskişehirspor 2 : 1 Fenerbahce

Kayserispor 3 : 0 Bursaspor

Galatasaray 1 : 1 İstanbul BŞB

At the 15. week a suprise team is leader; Kayserispor

the table;

1. Kayserispor.....31

2. Fenerbahce......31

3. Beşiktaş...........31

4. Galatasaray.....30

5. Bursaspor.........29

Another title for Trabzonspor after they sent Hugo Bross they agreed with their legend player and coach Şenol Guneş from Seoul. at his first match they won to Ankaragucu with 3 goals. Trabzon 7. at the table with 24 point. They agreed with the best coach they can find. Gunes was also the coach of Turkish National team who was 3. in 2002 W.C.


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This week was the week of Kayserispor. They are leading the Turkiye Turkcell Super League for the first time in their history. Their victory against rivals Bursaspor was a neat one with goalscorers Omer Şişmanoğlu and current topscorer Ariza Makukula particularly coming to the fore.

Trabzonspor, in my opinion, seems to play the best football in the league, but because their defence is leaking they have to score at least twice or thrice to guarantee victories. But if they can defeat Fenerbahce and Denizlispor and pick up six points from their remaining matches in the first half of the season, they can move back into the title contention, too. Balcı, Alanzinho, Gabric and Colman all looked impressive.

Beşiktaş is a strange team! They play awfully poor but somehow do not lose. A 0-0 draw against Diyarbakırspor was what they probably deserved after another lacklustre attacking performance.

Any team out of Eskişehirspor, Trabzonspor, Genclerbirliği and even IBB can move into title contention with three straight victories. The title race is that open. Even if there are only four teams that won the league in the history, our league is looking more and more like the German Bundesliga these days.

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1 Kayserispor...............34

2 Fenerbahce................34

3 Galatasaray...............33

4 Bursaspor..................32

5 Beşiktaş.....................32

6 Trabzonspor...............27

7 Genclerbirliği..............26

8 Eskişehirspor..............24

9 İstanbul BŞB...............23 *

10 Antalyaspor...............21

11 Gaziantepspor............21*

12 Manisaspor................18

13 Ankaragucu...............17

14 Kasımpaşa.................17

15 Diyarbakırspor...........17

16 Sivasspor..................14

17 Denizlispor..................7

18 Ankaraspor.................0

First 9 teams could go on for Champ. league as 1st or 2nd accept Istanbul BŞB.

Last 9 teams could be failed to 1st league accept Gaziantepspor.

Really it's an interesting year. But i'm not sure if really anatolian teams upgrated or big teams loose by ridicilous games. There are 2 examples; Beşiktas has 32 points which they never deserved and Antalyaspor with a scrap team has 21 points...

Anyway, oldies Trabzonspor, Genclerbirligi, Kayserispor, Kocaelispor, Bursaspor, Gaziantepspor were always cute teams. I don't think Kayseri can go on to league like this. My secret favourite is Bursaspor also it's difficult but Trabzonspor could make an increase with Senol Gunes. I think the biggest differance at the league small teams learned to beleive themselves and Sivasspor opened this way last year...

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Matchday 17...

Beşiktaş - Bursaspor: 2-3

Nobre'58, Bobo'61(p) / Ozan Ipek'19, Ergic'85, Zapotocny'89

Kayserispor - Antalyaspor: 1-2

Şişmanoğlu'90 / Korhan'5, Makukula'59 (own goal)

Eskişehirspor - Diyarbakırspor: 0-0


Kasımpaşa - Manisaspor: 3-1

Andre Moritz'20, Gulec'23, Sancak'81 / Teber'43 (own goal)

Gaziantepspor - Denizlispor: 2-1

Beto Cachoeira'3, Julio Cesar'52 / Memişler' 81

Ankaragucu - Sivasspor: 2-3

Metin Akan'59, 69 / Sedat'11, Ibrahim'14, Baki'89 (own goal)

Galatasaray - Genclerbirliği: 1-0

Harry Kewell'77


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After the First Half of the Season...

The Leaders: Fenerbahce SK (37 points from 17 games)

The Impressives: Bursaspor, 3rd and Kayserispor, 4th

The Disappointments: Denizlispor, 17th with only 7 pts and Sivasspor, 16th with 17 pts

Topscorer: Ariza Makukula (Kayserispor) 13 goals in 14 matches

Assists Leaders: Kader Keita & Arda Turan (Galatasaray) 8 assists

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The Golden Team of The League After 17 Matches


---Ali Turan----Matteo Ferrari----Diego Lugano---Ibrahim Uzulmez---

----Kader Keita----------Fabian Ernst----Emre--------Harry Kewell----

-------------------------------------Andre Moritz---------------------------

-----------------------------------Ariza Makukula--------------------------

The Silver Team of The League After 17 Matches

-------------------------------Gokhan Tokgoz--------------------------

--Sabri Sarıoğlu-----------Sivok--------Zapotocny------Wederson--

-----Christian Keller---Mustafa Sarp---Cristian-----Ozan Ipek------

---------------------------------Arda Turan-----------------------------

-----------------------------Thierry Tazemeta--------------------------

The Bronze Team of The League After 17 Matches

---------------------------------Ruştu Recber----------------------------

---Gokhan Gonul-------Orhan Şam------Yalcin Ayhan---M Keceli----

---Sercan Yıldırım---Labinot Harbuzi----Michael Fink----Gabric------

----------------------------------Ivan Ergic-------------------------------


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