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The big final is only 2 days away and both teams want to win it for different reasons.Pao wants it so they can continue to dominate with titles as they have done for the last 10 years while Olympiakos wants to break that dry spell and prove that this might be actually their year.It is also a preparation for next weeks championship game that will propably determine who will get 1st spot in the league and have home field advantage for the play-offs.I just hope for a good game with no viloence and may the best team win.

Contra.gr has some nice statistics and articles about this final


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Here you can find what Obradovic and Giannakis had to say about this upcoming game:


I must say that i agree with Obradovic that maybe when the fans start there normal routine of trying to fight or injure players of the opposing team,the 2 teams and coaches to stop the game and just walk out from the stadium.

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THey have allowed the hooligans to take control of the games, and some people think this is the best way to support a team. I disagree. Allowing violence and other stupid acts harm the sport and create a culture unbecoming of a civil society.

As for the game, I hope PANATHA destroys the gavroi because that's how it should be. :LOL:

Let's show them who's the boss in basketball :tup:

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