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USA STILL stinging from Greek loss

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"You lost to Greece?" "Hahahaha" So you can laugh at the country that BEAT you? I'm sorry, maybe I don't understand something here. You LOST and you are laughing at them?

How do you laugh at the team that beat you?

Didn't yo mammas teach you about respect? :LOL:

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Mocking the finalist, the team that beat you soundly.......and Greece? Oh who was Greece?? Going into the 2006 we were the defending European Champion. "Coach Gay" probaably STILL does not realize that.

Go home Team USA !!!!!! :tup:

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the '98 team can tell their granchildren how they lost to Lithuania and Russia

'02 Argentina Yougoslavia and Spain

'04 Puerto Rico (by 19) and Lithuania

'06 Greece

They have a lot of stories they can joke about :gr:

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