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Nikos Liberopoulos (Eintracht Frankfurt)


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Guest TheLegend

This is good for Greece if he gets regular time and scores regularly we will have a good back up sub..

Which is what he should be for the NT (off topic)

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Yea, if he stops whining to the refs everytime he gets touched.

In terms of pure talent, the man's got it, in terms of mental stregnth, he wasted the chance of being a superb player.

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Lymberopoulos had his first interview with the german press and he seems to be enjoying the change of scenary and the fact that he will play in a much stronger champioship than Greece.For a guy that started his career in Kalamata,played in 2 of the big clubs of Greece,his new club,Eintracht is a good chalenge that he will propably enjoy.Good for you Niko,even if i never liked you :P :LOL:

His interview with "Bild":


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DFB CUP First round

Saturday 9 Aug 2008

SC Pfullendorf-Eintracht Frankfurt 0-3

Lybe scores at the 0:21 mark of this clip


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