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Yesterday Morning (Saturday 3/1) I went to Athens Int. Airport for my Flight Back home and guess who I runned into!

The Olympiakos Water Polo Squad Travelling to Chania for their away Game later that afternoon!

I had a chat with my ex-coplayer at Vouliagmeni, Giorgos Psychos (trelos Gavros! from Nikea as well! ) and he we were teasing eachother for the previous match when they drew 6-6 with Vouliagmeni at Pireus...

He told me how they "should have drowned them, but played a bad game" and other little teasing phrases ...

We had a laugh and I left him with my sicere wish for "BAD LUCK" in the game later on the day... ;)

Guess what happened!

Olympiakos LOST! Posted Image :D

Anyone Else in need of my good wishes ?! :whistle:

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