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  1. If you have a VPN, set it to one of the territories below and watch all euro2024 qualifiers - except that country's games - at uefa.tv UEFA.tv will live stream all European Qualifiers matches except the respective national team matches in the following territories: Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Malta, Moldova and Spain
  2. The 10 second-place teams from the WC qualifying groups also qualify for the play-offs along with 2 teams from the NL.
  3. All ten group runners-up will qualify for the play-offs for WC2022 together with two teams from the 2021 Nations League. There will be six single-match semi-finals and three single-match finals in March 2022 in order to decide which three teams join the 10 group winners in Qatar. It looks like a very open preliminary competition and the seedings might change quite a bit over the next year before the draw is made.
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