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  1. We lack leadership. Sokratis is a champion. However we dont have a stoma like Karagounis. He was a stoma that knew how to take players on both with the stoma and the footwork. Passion and spirit is what we lack. Alot like the country itself and it has been missing for quite a few years now. Dont want to sound dramatic but Ellatha became an empire again and it has crumbled again but this time in football terms. We may be an empire again but maybe not for years. As far as personnel goes, we need to use the lads that are playing abroad (in the bigger leagues) alot more and only use GSL players when we run out of options. We keep ignoring players that play in holland and belgium and that is a massive fail. More importantly we need a leader, like Karagounis to emerge. A pehtara with a stoma. Someone who runs his heart out up and down the pitch. To get under the skin of the opposition to stand up to opposition bullies and to inspire his team mates. That 2004 team had about half a dozen pehtares with a stoma. We had such a good mix of players. The country and the team believed anything was possible. Now our boys go through the motions. Its not that we dont try its that we dont care enough. The country has far more pressing issues right now to put things into perspective. When you see the crowds for the ethniki now and go back to qualification for world cup 1994, when Machlas nailed the header against Russia to get us into the world cup, our first one ever, its no comparison. That crowd was sick and so passionate. The passion hit a high when we won Euro and greeks celebrated all around the world especially in Ellatha like no one else can. Sometime when you hit the top of the mountain the only way is down and that takes away all that you had. Now we dont play Russia anymore, we play bits and pieces of the old soviet union that has been taken away from Russia and these minoes give us a hard time both football wise and also in a physical sense. Even as bad as we are i cant stop watching the Ethniki. Always in my heart my favourite world football team anywhere anytime. Always.
  2. Great that ztiolis and tsavelas are out but why is Karnezis out of the squad? Is being at Napoli not good enough? Hatzidiakos has been playing very well in holland (ignored?) Marinos a regular in Belgium. Velios, Charisis, Galitzios and Katranis all solid in belgium but as usual players that play in Belgium and Holland are ignored for the senior NT. Lamprou at Ajax i know is the number 2 there but he is a very good keeper and also the young Lamprou in Holland has been really good so far this season. Obviously when Holebas said he has retired from the NT he meant it. Imo too many players again from the Greek league. Agree with Fourtounis. Toro and Kourbelis but the majority of rest playing in greece i would only look it if we had no one available playing abroad in bigger leagues.
  3. Why wouldnt we sub off any of the lads on yellow cards?
  4. Or at least damage control. We are going to find it hard from here
  5. down to 10 men. WTF. We need a miracle now.
  6. Scored a goal for his dutch team over the weekend.
  7. I cant blame the Greek players today. They played with heart and attacked alot more than the hungarians. Infact we got the away goal which should have been enough. Want to see how this group plays out especially when we finally get to play at home. If we play with the same energy surely we will belt both hungary and estonia on the return legs. If skibbe panics and decides to slow (tsiolis) the team play then we will go nowhere. Am really looking forward to our nxt match against Finland? Dont worry about our performance, i have seen the ethniki since our Euro win and todays game was a breath of fresh air compared to some other games. The goals we conceded were crackers today. Yes we should have cleared the 2nd one and not let hungary have 20 shots in 20 seconds but that defied logic. Had an element of ass in it. The ref was a touvlo. Lazaros and Fortouni were constantly getting fouled and the hungarians should have got far more yellows than 2 for the match. Disgraceful amateur gypsy, we seem to get these refs to our games but that comes with dropping our ranking i guess. Believe me people we have been alot worse than today. I hate losing more than anyone. Bring Zeca in, start Mitroglou, play Donis for 90 minutes unless he cant finish the match. Siova into the squad. Retsos and Staf hopefully are back from injury and hopefully Samari finds form and starts getting big game time at Benfica. Holebas i know has retired from the NT (Skibbe to blame) but he would be a great addition to the squad. Our 21s won away so hopefully we look a couple of lads from there. At the end of the day we can not afford any more losses in the group.
  8. Lazaros hacked to death all game. All for what - they receive 1 maybe 2 yellow cards. Torosidis does a m*****a pass and one of our def mids brings one of their players down, first miss timed tackle for the match. Yellow valto sto golo sou. The ref gives tsavela a yellow. It wasnt a dive it was a penalty. He was body checked in the box. Not sure what game you were all watching but all i saw was a gypsy wearing black sympathetic to a bunch of nazis. Our nazi is a nice one however. We must use players from big european leagues rather that the local players. Dont get me wrong Lazaro and Fortouni worked their hearts out. The GK did everything he could but players like Donis and Mitroglou have to start and keep playing them until they are either cooked or til the end of the match. Zeca too is a must even though Skibbe doesnt know how to use him. We have to convince Holebas to return, maybe disguise Skibbe and Siovas should have been part of this squad. Do not disregard players playing in holland and belgium, Those leagues are better than the greek league. I was proud of how we went about it but you cant beat agendas no matter how well you play.
  9. Why has Siovas not made this squad? Would only have Manola and Sokrati ahead of him. No Retsos either. Alot of players picked from the greek league including our middle east mid maestro and our turkish full back dynamo. Players in the portugese dutch and belgium leagues dont rate. Based on selections we obviously have this group covered. Now with Kone going to serie a and Charisis remaining in belgium i would have picked them unless injured. This would have been the squad i would have gone for baring injured players Mavropanos, Papastathopoulos, Holebas, Siovas, Manolas, Kone, Lykogiannis, Karnezis, Donis, Retsos, Stafylidis, Kapino, Mitroglou, Vlachodimos, Lambrou, Hatzidiakos, Kolovos, Galitsios, Katranis, Marinos, Karelis, Charisis, Zeca, Samaris, Stavrothanasopoulos, Dimitriou
  10. Stavrothanaopoulos like most greeks is probably related to me somewhere down the track. All the players i chose do not play in the Greek League, turkey or the middle east including my relative. They are part of euro comps including bundersleaguea, serie a, la liga, epl, dutch league, portugal, belgium, denmark, sweden [where cousin stav plays and has scored a goal or 2] add to the mix now Kapino and Dimitriou ( could also be a relative but signed by by basel a team in swiss league). As i mentioned in my previous post this wont happen - no chance - unrealistic - as when national squads are chosen there is always an element of public relations so a percentage of the lads will always be playing in the greek league. Also most managers pick their mates. Selections where based on above motivations and I try to follow the progress of Greek lads around the euro leagues. Am no expert on which are the best. Selected alot of defenders but its based on where they are playing. Holebas may be a hasbeen and called it a day with the NT but it sucks that there is an issue with him and Skibbe. IMO he is still a very good fullback and plays regularly in the EPL not picked just because i am probably his uncle. How about you Koubare, give us your squad and an understanding of why you picked who you picked.
  11. No chance of this 11 but i would go with this Karnezis Socratis Siovas Manolas Retsos Zeca Samaris Lykogiannis Donis Mitroglou Karelis Bench Mavropanos Petsos Stafylidis Vlachodimos Hadzidiakos Marinos Galitsios Katranis Stavrothanasopoulos Kolovos Lambrou Dimitriou Holebas
  12. GREECE 1 O. Karnezis 15 V. Torosidis 19 S. Papastathopoulos 4 K. Manolas 23 P. Retsos 22 A. Samaris 10 K. Fortounis 8 Zeca 11 K. Mitroglou 14 A. Bakasetas 20 A. Donis SWITZERLAND 1 Y. Sommer 2 S. Lichtsteiner 13 R. Rodríguez 22 F. Schär 5 M. Akanji 11 V. Behrami 15 B. Džemaili 10 G. Xhaka 8 R. Freuler 9 H. Seferović B. Embolo the 2 sides starting 11. Not unhappy with starting 11 for Ellas, Would prefer to have Karelis and Charisis in for Bakesetas and Fortounis but will take this.
  13. Not sure if its been mentioned yet but the Ethniki play Switzerland in Basil in a friendly on 24/3/18?
  14. if getting regular game time wld rather players playing in top flight Belgium than Greece; Bad career move for the Ethniki anyway when Taxi signed with Oly. Also Fortounis needs to go to a better league and improve on the player he is so to Mantalos. IMO Spanish, German, France, Italy, England, Dutch, Belgium and Portugal top flight regulars get priority over the rest. Would only look at rest if we had nothing else available. Our failure to qualify for WC is down to 2 things. 1 Croatia has a cracking group of players and 2 some of our key players either made some untimely or poor career moves or got injured/ unavailability at wrong time for the Ethniki. No issue with Premier league but Karnezis was regular in Italy. That moved killed us. Kapino to Oly has not worked for individual or the NT. Mitro injury and moved to France killed us. Agree about Tsiolis, Maniatis etc should not be playing for Ethniki. Manolas suspension sucked. Siovas should have also been picked in the squad. Plays in the best comp in the world and a regular. Plays against monster forwards every week and yet not even in the squad. Am very passionate about the NT. Love them and have for many years. We can be better than where we are in the rankings.
  15. Would love to see a few more of the boys playing in Belgium top league looked at. Karelis is the only one that has been looked at in recent times until he was injured. Players like Harisis should be given a go. Our midfield needs to be improved also if Kolovos gets back to full fitness give him some game time for the Ethniki
  16. Would love to see Siovas and Karamanos (plays in the Portugese league} be called up for the Ethniki.
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