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  1. finally a good descision made by the EPO. What greece has lacked for years is a manager which has had passion for the job. Skibbe and Ranieri before him had no heart for the outcomes of the squad. the best thing for the ethniki is to have a greek manager, creates a better culture within the squad and the manager has a desire for their team to win, as its for their homeland. I would hope with a new, greek manager we will start emploring basic tactics, like playing players in their actual positions, something Skibbe found extremely difficult as well as communicating with Holebas to get him back in the team. our performances can only improve because of this.
  2. I agree on the possible appointment of Ange, solely based on South Melbourne FC, thats real football for you But on all fronts, ange transformerd the Australian soccer national team to become competitive with strong teams. The Enthniki have talent, its about identifying tactics, play styles and formations that will unearth this talent, i fully support the appointment of ange on that front.
  3. The Finns dont have a great lineup. they have a solid keeper and striker, i would think the combination of Fortunis and Pelkas should break them down. I would like to see Peklas in a more central role and play fetfa out wide, but Skibbe is incapable of having inteligent tactics in place, we will wait and seek. the ethniki need a win here
  4. i would suspect he would want to play for us, given it is unlikely he would ever break the german NT due to them having two of the best keepers in the world. he is a young talent playing for a well-regarded club in regards to player development, would be a great player for the NT. would like to see him, donis, retsos, kourbelis, pelkas, being the mould for the NT into the future.
  5. our attack should be Mitro Pelkas -- Fortounis --- Donis, But we all know Skibbe wont roll out like this, And im not certain if Pelkas can play out wide, has he played there before ??
  6. karnezis has not been in form as of late. His stint at Watford was sup-par and now with the transfer to Napoli, it looks as if he will be third in the pecking order under meret and ospina. Vlacho has been in good form in the league and is young too. wouldnt mind him getting some playing time during the Nations League.
  7. Fourtounis has been stuck in the Greek league for a few seasons now. It would be good for him to test himself in a more prominent european league where he can get exposed to a different style of football. He has talent, just needs to find consistency in his game.
  8. He should get game time over Lazaros, Fetfa has provided exiting football in SA, still deserves a game during the friendlies. Our team will only grow if learn to become less dependent on the ageing likes of Tzolis and one-dimensional players like Tachstidis.
  9. I would agree, now teams have something to play for
  10. I was trying to highlight how many coaches use the saudi league as an excuse to not select players. Fetfa can play as a number 9 and on the wing. He should be innthw team
  11. fetfa would slot into our team nicely. i really dont know why he doesnt play. He tears up the saudi league every week, how can you play tzolis from saudi and not fetfa?>
  12. there are some creative midfielders in the team, even gianniotas played creatively for the 30' he was on for, Skibbe just doesnt use what he has available. I hope the end of this campaign is the turning point for the team, get rid of the old and bring in the new
  13. i would think that the manolas desicion was the first step in putting us behind the croats. I would actually prefer his suspension to be on the second leg, would have given us more belief
  14. Completely agree with all the points raised here. We need to move on from the old, slow style of play in which we have played for the last decade. Players like Tzolis, Maniatis, Tzavellas need to go immediately. We must start playing quick, exciting football then absorbing the pressure for 90' and playing for a draw. no good side plays well when they play for draws. We need change immediately.
  15. I agree, but playing top quality teams and being competative rather than playing some pushover smaller nations will be much better. If we get beaten well, than the EPO may decide to do something.
  16. i would hope greece could be part of this. if we could face quality competition in italy, netherlands and chile, we as fans can understand how far we are really off the WC level
  17. they play as a team and utilise their strengths to play well. Iceland played unbelivably in the last euros and continue to break the records. they have a plan that works, the player know what they are doing and they all play towards a common goal, greece on the other hand have no idea whats happening, it doesnt suprise me. We should be in the WC, but our mistakes have lead us to miss out
  18. Will vlachomodios be are next keeper choice if he continues to develop the way he has been? I feel like Kapino is falling out of favour both internationally and club level
  19. Does anyone have a list of our quality up and coming youngsters from U-19 and U-21, are any of them a realistic chance for call-ups in the next two years?
  20. there is no other minor tournament for all the non-qualified nations, is there? Will the next 4-6 games for the ethniki be friendly's or something else?
  21. Our team does have potential. players like pelkas, christodopoulous, retsos, bakasetas, vlahomodios, k paps, stalfyndidids, fortounis, ganniotas, siopis, mantalos, donis and karelis all have bright futures ahead of them and most are NT material. I would hope we can create a stronger line-up for the next euros, but i do have my doubts. We will likely see Karnezis?/Vlahomodios stalf? - Sokratis - Manolas - Retsos Zeca - Siopis Donis- Fourtounis - Mantalos Mitroglou I feel like if we can develop such a strong lineup, the team does have a strong future. Do i think sacking Skibbe is the answer, no. Out NT does have some issues, the lack of funding and the corruption which occurs isnt healthy for the sport, but the turnaround of the team from 2014 to 2017 has shown us that there is a future in greek football. Croatia was always going to be a hard opponent, 2nd to italy. Denmark and switzerland would have given us a different story altogether but luck does also play into it. I just hope we dont go backwards from here, the boys need inspiration and need some reward for their effort. When they press they can create chances and they do love playing for their country. Bring on 2020
  22. The substitution decisions were crazy last game. Skibbe had the chance to pull stalf, fourtounits, tzolis for lazaros, pelkas or any player who brings pace and can create those counter attacks. ELLAS OLE
  23. tommorow's result will mark a turning point for some of the players. If we can do the unthinkable, great, but if not some of the older guys will slowly retire from the NT. It gives a chance for the younger players to build for the "nations league", gives them a chance to actually play for something. there is some talent in Greek football, but the NT is too stuborn to develop them.
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