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  1. As long as you don't live in USA, Canada and Australia plus few countries in Europe then it's a good deal
  2. http://live.cretetv.gr:1935/cretetv/myStream/playlist.m3u8 Crete TV usually broadcasts all the ofi home games Check their website as well www.cretetv.gr
  3. Big deal....!!!!!tons of cheaper opportunities out there....and much better
  4. So you have this guy for 6-7 months without any issues and he is credible? If so you are a lucky guy... And I am sure you cannot share any of his information for the obvious reasons...man I am still looking around to find someone credible.I had ellas, myTV, bestgreek, and they all no longer offer tin kiria...
  5. It's horrible.....totally in agreement...the only good thing about greeklive.tv and their plugin is their catchup for the 2 novasports channels and the otesports channels as well....but they are not offered as live channels but only as catchup
  6. Yes it does have the highlights from superleague...but don't expect any great picture quality from the plugin...
  7. Yes sir....for 3 days...but I used to have their service six months ago and I could not get another free one....they have nothing other than mega,ant1,star,etc...they do have catch up for nova and ote sports but nothing live
  8. I am not talking about kodi....talking about myTV...referring to this site www.greeklive.tv and the plugin they have
  9. The whole thing....I paid 20 euros to try it and it only has the national channels like mega,ant1, etc....
  10. Really? So why you don't have any of the two then? Come on guys I am tired of hearing that everyone knows but no one has them.
  11. Really?????for some reason I don't believe you.....unless you spend $70 on ellas tv
  12. So for all of us who love Greek soccer and they want to watch their favorite team then we either need to use satellite or watch arena sports via one of the iptv providers that are available out there. Otherwise we can watch the catchup features either from Kobi or MyTV.
  13. Yes sir. You are absolutely correct. So although taf sports has no superleague rights they still make money thru sport plus regardless who has the superleague rights
  14. What do these two companies have in common other than sharing the same address :) I will give you a hint....just Google [email protected] like sport plus is owned by TAF sports TAF SPORTS MARKETING AE Advertising Company, Agency & Studio 74 Avgis Street, kai Chalkis 2, 141 21 Heraklion Attica Greece SPORTS COMM 74 Avgis Street, kai Chalkis 2, 141 21 Heraklion Attica Greece
  15. So it's not ote but you can find channels for the same leagues ote broadcasts...correct? If so I can watch the same with fox sports or bein...
  16. Yep....totally agreed...taf no longer holds the rights...good call from Blackhawk
  17. This post my friend came from the link below and not from any of your posts....nothing wrong with Google....wasn't aware you hold copyright rights regarding specific posts.http://home.earthlink.net/~ziaka/TV_Rights_in_Greece.htm
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