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  1. MyTV doesn't always work. I had MyTV for two years and i did like the recorded features where you can pull shows previously aired but you could only get 10 channels for the price of $20. With Ellas TV you can get 40 plus channels for $60 including free video on demand, plus radio, plus apps. They still need to add a lot more such as adding more applications, giving the ability to record shows, fix the buffering issues we experience here and there and add more local greek channels. Like you said if and when it works then it should be a superior service but i will give them credit for trying and offering something different from the others.
  2. You got me there addynia. :) The two Ote sports have not been working for two or three weeks now but I think they are going to get them fixed soon because of the Hellenic cup games. Also ote sports 3 is getting tested and this is where my assumption is coming from. It may not be a true HD but when I change the settings to 1080 the picture quality is much better than the rest of the channels. At least they are trying to offer something that others cannot offer at least for the moment.
  3. Did myTV application offer you 2 HD NovaSports channels, plus 3 OTE Sports channels? Also did myTV offer you video on demand with all different topics and themes? Instead of saying we are lucky enough to have a .platform. that .offers. 7 Sports. Channels. here. We are starting the gkrinia. Come on guys. I am. Not is perfect but don't tell me myTV application is better. It's way cheaper. for. Sure. But not Better
  4. Legal or not they offer great channels and great features. They still need to add more features but overall no complaints.
  5. Irish soccer? Who watches Irish soccer? Lol. I would rather watching international news channels that we don't get here in jthe states like euronews in Greek, Russian Today, al jazeera in English and France 24 in English.
  6. I just saw NovaSports 2 HD is added as well. Picture quality is excellent. Watching PAO vs OFI. Check it out on channel 900
  7. Definitely Ellas TV. With so many channels, video on demand free movies and shows, radio, YouTube, etc and in a reasonable price
  8. I would definitely recommend Ellas TV. I have had the full package for a month now and no complaints at all. It includes all Greek national channels and their delayed program as well. Therefore if you miss something you can watch it on the delayed respective channel. It also includes 4 Nova Sports channels, and 2 OTE Sports channels. I heard they are working on adding one more OTE Sports channel as well. Therefore if you are a sports die hard fan i am sure you are going to be satisfied with Ellas TV. The other thing I do like and actually my kids love is the Video On Demand feature. There are so many shows (Greek movies, Greek kids shows, concerts, sports events, Greek shows, etc.) for no additional cost. They may want to add more Greek channels and remove the Irish ones because I doubt anyone watches the Irish channels. There are so many channels that broadcast live on the internet and couple of them like Action 24 (action24.gr), and Euronews in Greek are worth adding them to the list of channels.
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