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  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :gr: MITROGLOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. always 2 germans on ninis.
  3. OUR NO;2 GOT DONE hopefully we'll offer something going forward. our passings been ok
  4. found a link with french commentary http://www.eurosport.fr/football/euro-unde..._vid45646.shtml
  5. fantastic result we're in the semi's :gr: also our no;4 papastathopoulos looks very accomplished its rare to see such a young central defender look so composed. one for the NT in the very near future
  6. super result. mitroglou can't stop scoring
  7. he signed for coventry today hopefully he'll play regularly http://home.skysports.com/transferarticle....spx?hlid=468564
  8. voronin has left. i think gekas has been bought in to replace him
  9. i remember the paok arsenal game but that was a few years ago. recently we've struggled in the uefa cup and champions league look at papadopoulos he couldn't get in the burnley team now he's a regular for pao. as for konstantopoulos he may not end up at coventry but if he does end up playing in the championship for say charlton surely that would be better than playing for say aris or atromitos
  10. i guess you're still a teenager. good input into the forum. nice spelling too.
  11. coventry tried to sign him a couple of seasons ago but hartlepool didn't let him go. as for wolves and paok wolves get a higher attendance every home game than paok. the level of football in the greek league is awful
  12. wolves are a bigger club than paok they have higher gates more money and given the chance to play for wolves or paok you'll be mad to play for paok. face it the greek league is s%$#!, only if oly pao or aek come in for konstantopoulos should he consider going back to greece the championship is better,teams like apollon atromitos etc play infront of 1500 fans wolves get gates of 20000+ as do other clubs at that level
  13. outside the top 3 teams in greece the championship is a higher level of football the greek league is pathetic he'll be better off in the championship if he plays regular first team football there
  14. he's out of contract now i expect him to move to a championship club in the summer. i'd be suprised if he signs on at hartlepool
  15. lets hope he can bag acouple for greece v hungary
  16. i thought he signed a contract extension at benfica ?
  17. barton is out of order but what do you expect from a racist thug, him and richard dunne(irish) both came out and publicly blamed the foreign players for man city's poor season dunne has to look closer to home since when has irish become british he's also foreign. as for samaras he gets brought on for the last 10 mins of matches he's hardly played. perhaps comments from barton and dunne(irish) may influence team selection and are certainly not helping a young player's confidence and not good for team spirit. i'm sure samaras will do well at a different club under a manager who gets the best out of his players like allardyce at bolton
  18. who cares if he's dull or not, it doesn't matter if he contributes little else to bochum, bottom line is he's a top top finisher. man if liverpool had a finisher who did little else perhaps they'd still be in contention for the league. strikers are judged on goals and he's the top scorer and i don't think any of his goals include penalties.
  19. man this guys on fire another 2 today. hopefully pao don't make it difficult for him to leave permanently, like paok did with christodoulopoulos
  20. as far as i'm aware you can play at u21 level for 1 country and still represent a different country at senior level
  21. the reason otto values players from abroad is because the greek league is one of the worst in europe. as for picking players on form then your team will change every game and there will be no cohesion. remember the saying form is temporary class is permanent. arsenal wanted samaras but wenger was unwilling to pay that much for him and if wenger is interested in a player then he usually has something about him.GIVE HIM TIME
  22. man city have signed another striker emile mpenza this would push samaras further down the pecking order. however he scored today a scrappy goal but didn't play that well today apart from the goal. he didn't get much service though and man city don't create many chances corradi and vassell have not done any better than samaras. he's young and holding his own in the toughest league and will improve further if he continues to play in england. what other greek striker could cut it in the premiership? don't be too hard on him and don't expect too much too soon its only his first full season in england
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