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  1. i wouldnt trust wikkipedia... Also Ben arfa is way to good for the greek league; i would be very suprised if he came
  2. i cant belive you guys r signing a 33 years old Basinas!
  3. i wonder now how mr kok feels about firing Lemonis basically sayin that oly lost the title to Pao because of him?? i knew he over-reacted and guess what pao slipped up and oly r now first, what a wanker kokalis is, if oly maintain the lead and win the league u know this year would go down as one of the most successfull years in oly history thanks to lemon... win the league and the cup and go to the last 16 in the CL... What more did he want?
  4. it was a stupid move period! omonoia is right, lemon aka lemonis brought you guys some success in Europe by advancing into the second stage of the CL, (something that oly hasnt done since 98?) you guys are favourites for the cup and only 1 point behind Pao (which is nothing when you have 6 games left) in the league.. Oly hasnt lost anything and if you do lose it, its going to be because of Kokali's over-raction in firing lemon at this stage of the year where oly are in the thick of things. Look i personally dont think lemon was a good coach for you guys but you guys should have waited till the end of the season.. Who are you going to get now anyways?? answer is................... no one so what was the point in getting rid of him now if you havent got a replacement already lined up to step in and guide the team... you chances of winning the League with Lemon still incharge was 50/50 Now that Lemon is gone 70/30 stupid stupid move; but ill take it :)
  5. http://sports.phantis.com/soccer/news/read...D=2008030483402
  6. http://sports.phantis.com/soccer/news/read...D=2008010883532
  7. http://sports.phantis.com/soccer/news/read...=20080101133911
  8. http://sports.phantis.com/soccer/news/read...=20071217222306
  9. http://www.sportingreece.com/kb/article.as...asp?fIndex=1002 Krzynowek 'agrees' deal with Olympiakos
  10. whats the goal to games ratio for gekas in three areas: 1 ) Germany 2) carrer 3) Leverkusen would be very intresting ;)
  11. the lemon will turn out to be gold for you guys :P
  12. dude the mullet is awesome... :tup: somehow the mullet gets chicks :LOL: - seen his wife? shes fine... Is she a stunner (as opposed to a stunned mullet! :P)?I don't really care. I'm not into women, if you know what I mean (private joke between Hollywood and myelf) ;) its true; his into guys :o :P
  13. does anyone have the 2 goals he scored against southhampton?
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mb606/F2241570?thread=2289463 :nw:
  15. You know what i hate?? i hate the fact that Bidis has made me look like a dick-head... I personally can’t stand his post which consists of Bias, ignorance & racism… He and I haven’t been getting along for quite some time and during the mist of our arguments he has made some racist/personal comments such as “Aussie little boy”, “ur not Greek”, “Kangaroo”, “F ur mother” ect towards me when ive brought up valid comments about him and his posts… For a while I just ignored his racist and personal comments hoping that a Mod such as Evergreen, 2nd Mouse or Ziaka would do something or say something yet nothing was said.. After coping this abuse for a while (dnt believe me, go to the pao forum and look it up) and decided if he wants to play the racist card and cut me deep about my ethnicity, ill do the same thing and see how he likes it (which was wrong because I only did it to cut him, I dnt actually believe what I said)….Now here comes a new member such as Ur self and others who have only read half of the arguments and come to the conclusion that Im Anti-Cypriot… well let me set this straight, I have nothing against Cypriots (never had, except now with Bidis), I only made those comments as a means or retaliation towards him and his personal/racist comments towards me (if u were in my shoes u wouldn’t b able to tolerate it for that long so u would scoop down to his level, aiming to cut him deep)… However I do realize that I was wrong and should have never ever scooped to his level because in the process ive not only cut him but ive also cut other Cypriots in here and made my self look like a dick-head.. so I apologies to any other Cypriot or Greek except Bidis in here who took my words personally, by no means there was no truth to it, it was a form of relation for Bidis’s racist/personal remarks… So in conclusion I ask any other Cypriot or greek who has read my posts to understand that it was an empty retaliation towards bidis and his personal/racist comments about my ethnicity because im from Australia… P.S of course i have been supporting Bagdatis!!! i think his great and ironicaly the majority of his supporters are either Greek-Australians or Cypriot-Australians who are just like me Bidis :gr: :gr: :gr:
  16. 6-4, 6-2, 4-6, 3-6, 6-3 :gr: :gr: :gr: P.S he will win the Australian Open, i got this mad feeling :nw:
  17. Bagdatis is riding the wave of support from the Greek-Australians who are showing there pride!!!! :gr: :gr: :gr:
  18. i think u guys should pin this topic.... ;)
  19. the problem isnt BAGDATIS, the problem is Bidis who keeps on shoving his cypriot pride down everyones throat!!!he claims im not Greek because i was born in Australia (and that goes for anyone else who was born outside of Greece) so im doing the same by clamin his not greek since cyprus is its own country.... its tit for tat....
  20. Look who’s talking!!!! Why don’t u look in the mirror jack ass…. Also while ur at it how about u go and purchase a map, it will clearly state that Cyprus is an independent country…. Ur the wantna be, and u know what I will cheer for my “aussies” in the tennis because unlike ur Cypriots they win tournaments, medals ect… The former world number one junior repeated that level of performance against Czech Stepanek, riding his luck with outrageous chip shots and crunching ground strokes to the delight of dozens of noisy fans on show drawn from Melbourne's large Greek and Cypriot communities. YOU READ ABOVE U MORON THATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN U AND I.. GREEKS SHOULD STICK TOGETHER BUT UR A BELLO AUSTRALIAN U DONT KNOW ANY BETTER... Why do u call ur self greek?? when clearly your country (Cyprus) is an Independent nation??? like i said u have ur OWN government....so plz dnt even try..... i suppose any greeks who live outside Greece in other countrys such as Australia, England, Canada, America ect... are not considerd Greek according to you?? and you talk about sticking together.... P.S im done wasting my time on an un-educated moron who cant spell and is so Obsessed with his country he cant even Distinguish reality from fantasy … im not gonna respond to ur BS no more.... :tdown:
  21. Look who’s talking!!!! Why don’t u look in the mirror jack ass…. Also while ur at it how about u go and purchase a map, it will clearly state that Cyprus is an independent country…. Ur the wantna be, and u know what I will cheer for my “aussies” in the tennis because unlike ur Cypriots they win tournaments, medals ect… NA PEIS NA g*****EIS m*****SMENE!!!! yeh go ###### ur self to...
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