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  1. so now greece dro another 2 spots because they drew to the world champions.. yeah very nice
  2. i think FIFA have to revise the way they work the rankings out and supersede it with a fairer system..
  3. LOL typical samaras and to think he was improving...
  4. If he's not national team material and Charisteas is then you must be nuts.Samaras has that raw skill. He was never able to properly use it at Man City but he's really a good player and he has the potential to b the best player for Greece. Right now he isn't but if he keeps up this form, his future is very bright. have you even been watching the last 5-6 national team games???????fair enough charisteas should not be in div 2 germany! but he is one of 2 or 3 players who has been playing for our greek flag. his work ethic is incredible and if all our players were playing with his determination we would have done something at euro. put charisteas in a rangers or celtic top and he would do the same thing if not better..
  5. guys... its good to see samaras scoring again like he used to in his herenveen days in dutch league. many people will disagree with me but i believe samaras is not national team material.. okay he scores in the scottish league, but i think ofi can beat 9/10 of the teams in that league.. he has not really achieved much on national level..
  6. celtic he is.. dont like this move there goes samaras
  7. he could be on his way to new premierleague club hull city... he may also join the likes of our very own giannakopoulos. and christian vieri.. hull city have good prospects and intentions of staying in the english premierleague.. i think this is a great move for him and a chance to prove himself again
  8. i am hoping this player does not continue at levekusen.. he was their substitute.. why would he be a substitute after coming the bundesligas top scorer in the previous season?? he also had a 4-5 game spell at leverkusen and scored in everygame.. ad assisted in goals.. leave gekas..!! your too good.. any rumours about gekas?? is he staying? is he leaving?? any offers??
  9. shocking tournament from katsouranis.. it was as if he didnt want his hair messy.. any rumours on the transfer market?? surely he wont stay at benfica?
  10. is there still a hellas verona?if so.. how are they going?
  11. It is wrong that gekas is not getting game time as he has proved his worth when he is on the park.. the fans love him..the coach is very stupid but i dont think racism-discrimination has anything to do with it
  12. ela dude.. just another example of his arrogance may come from an article in todays edition of the times:“It doesn’t matter whether it’s Gretna, Rangers or Barcelona, I think I can score in all games,” Samaras said. in answer to your other question i would personally prefer a down to earth player and a quiet achiever, someone who has respect for his opposition and does not talk wishfully about his capabilities in order to get into the starting 11.. for example with the statement samaras made above.. what if he doesnt score against the rangers and plays shocking.. wouldnt his comment sound irrelevant? confidence is always good aslong as your not too overconfident.. i think samaras is the type of player who is over-confident
  13. it was a good finish.. im glad to see him scoring like he used to at herenveen.. its funny when he scores.. he thinks he is untouchable.. i dont like a player that celebrates like he does.. he has always been arrogant and im not the first to say it
  14. i wouldnt be surprised if gekas gets offers from bigger clubs in the winter transfers. this guy is in red hot form and going to lead our attack in euro.. i think salpiggidis will be a good partner in crime.. charisteas and amanatidis are an option.. then samaras
  15. very silly decision to sack lemonis with 6 games remaining and only 1 point behind first... they were definately title contenders. but with the assistant taking over.. olympiakos will slip up.. kokkalis should have wait it out.. now the coach will try different things from Lemonis and all the players will have to adapt to the coaches game plans and play different to how theyre used to.. unfortunately for you guys = this does not take a couple training sessions to do so.. Olympiakos winning title with Lemonis as coach = 45% chance Olympiakos winning title with Lemonis sacked = 10% chance I can't say much either.. Pao changes coaches like they change their vrakia and i am not a fan of Peseiros decisions although we are top.. but to sack a coach 6 games from season end with 1 point in it is not smart at all..
  16. ti les re? :LOL: out of the whole competition or in Greece NT? he might not even get a game at euro... i think Gekas will be the one to watch for Greece. But the one to watch in euro would be someone like torres.. ronaldo.. imbrahimovic etc.. not samaras lol good to see samaras set up a goal for celtics equaliser..
  17. that goal was superb.. he chipped the defence and keeper!! excellent.. he also got an assist for the 2nd leverkusen goal leverkusen 2 - 0 cheeseburger
  18. gekas goal http://www.goal4replay.net/VideoWatchF.asp...p?Ln=En&ID=5442 very powerful header... sounds like the crowd loves him!!
  19. thats fantastic.. is there a goal4replay link yet? was he a sub?
  20. you cant compare samaras with salpiggidis.. not at this point.. im sorry to say.. when salpiggidis and samaras were playing for paok and herenveen they were both scoring goals regularly and played exceptional football.. as they both stepped up to bigger teams panathinaikos and man city.. in my opinion only one of them continued to impress.. and i dont have to say who.. now to break down our forwards... i think gekas and salpiggidis are good to do the job because as we know greece is a defensive team and tend to try get their goals on the breaks.. salpi and gekas have that type of pace to damage defecnces if they recieve a through ball on the break i personally believe charisteas and amanatidis have recently hit career best form and are scoring regularly for their clubs they may be more suited vs sweden and russia.. samaras has stepped up since his move to celtic... what is it 3 goals from 4 or 5.. i think that is impressive.. however the teams he have scored against are comparable to an atromitos, levadiakos.. nothing special.. i think samaras and lymberopoulos can come on as subs if we run out of legs up front.. lymbe has proved he can be a super sub on many occasions but both have to fight for their 2nd half appearances with amanatidis and charisteas who i think are in much better form..
  21. that is excellent! did he come on as a substitute?i cant see why he would be a benched forward when he was last years top bundesliga striker and was 1 goal behind top goal scorer when he started being benched.. gekas get out of leverkusen... your too good!! even former club bochum beat leverkusen 2-0
  22. nicely said DUDE. i still havent seen his goal where they won 2-1 but the goal he scored on the weekend was nice.. it wasnt an easy close header.. it was well directed and had power behind it.. well done
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