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  1. Who cares whats fair and whats unfair. If we can't beat AEK and PAOK we do not deserve to be playing and/or humiliating ourselves in Europe.
  2. Sacked by Benfica after exactly one game (a draw btw), so I don't think that means anything. Theres a difference in coaching at club level especially in greek league as opposed to world class
  3. Not Santos.. Please.. The guy is a failure... dont over look his semi-success at PAOK and AEK.. He is s**** and was even sacked by Benfica at one stage
  4. I know for a fact that Melbourne Heart a team who will enter Australias league next season have shown interest in Charisteas. I think it will be a good move for him.. he needs more game time... Also a clever move by Melbourne Heart - With Greeks all over Australia - they will turn out in numbers to support Charisteas/Heart if they do end up getting him. Anyone know a bit more about this than i do?
  5. As a wigan supporter in the epl I have been watching chimbonda from wigan days til tottenham. He is not only a world class defender, he is a skillful one at that. I rated him as the best fullback inepl even when he left my team wigan. If pao gets this player it is too good to be true. Mark my words!
  6. haha enjoy your corrupt titles?? couldn't of said ti any better!! i like :tup:
  7. Hi Guys I watched the Portsmouth vs Manchester City game last night. I kept a very close eye on Basinas as i followed his bald patch around the ground. His movement off and with the ball was superb. His passing was accurate. His tackling was excellent. He played a great game before deserving a well earned rest at 66mins. For me he controlled the Midfield well... Ireland and Elano could not do sh it in the midfield. I am not being bias. I actually think he had a great performance last night.
  8. how have the people reacted? any news from the streets??
  9. i thought they wanted to stop riots in athens. i see this one sparking up a new one. gate 13 will be pi$$ed
  10. Haristeas has lost the plot!!! Anorthosis should also try and sign him too! :P his addicted to german sausages and schnitzel von crumb
  11. so now greece dro another 2 spots because they drew to the world champions.. yeah very nice
  12. can we get olisadebe on loan for end of season..? we will need him vs villareal
  13. 7m for prajnic.? i honestly dont think he is worth it. he will be a mistake.. although he has scored 10 out of 12 games for herenveen.. his overall record is poor.. especially for croatia. prajnic no good in my opinion
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